EnviroEquine & Pet’s very own Jose Santos – Racing Rep was a guest on the popular Hartley & Derenzo Podcast while at the OBS Sales this spring in Ocala, Florida.

Leading The Way Podcast EP14 | From Stirrups to Startups: José Santos on Jockey Life & New Ventures

Welcome to “Leading the Way,” where we delve into the vibrant world of the equine industry with pioneers who are steering its future. In this episode, your host, Hartley Derenzo, invites you to join an engaging discussion with José Santos, a Hall of Fame jockey turned entrepreneur. Together, they reflect on José’s illustrious career in horse racing and delve into his latest business ventures that are making waves in and beyond the equine world. José will share memorable stories from his days as a top jockey, offering unique insights into the challenges and triumphs of professional racing.

He also discusses his transition to entrepreneurship, revealing how his passion for horses continues to influence his new endeavors including joining the EE Rep team at EnviroEquine. This journey from the racetrack to the boardroom highlights his commitment to innovation and excellence in various fields. Tune in to “Leading the Way” for this enlightening conversation with José Santos. Whether you’re a long-time horse racing enthusiast or interested in the entrepreneurial spirit that drives former athletes, this episode promises to provide a captivating look at success in multiple arenas. Don’t miss out on the valuable lessons and experiences shared by this renowned jockey and thriving businessman.

Listen to the full podcast here: https://2ly.link/1xqi6