Katie Strickland has been grooming horses for most of her life. For more than 25 years, she has been a professional groom for many top level event riders, and prides herself on presenting these horses at their utmost best at all times. Katie has used her incredible talents to accomplish this with horses she sees only during the show weekend as well as those she works with on a daily basis. Working and traveling with horses, she has learned how to avoid many skin, hoof and hair problems before they occur, as well as how to take care of issues if they do arise.

A loyal proponent of the Enviro Equine topical products, there are many that Katie uses daily. Here are a few ways Katie uses Enviro Equine topicals to help get the horses show ready!

Shampoo PLUS

Purpose: Deep cleansing, skin hydration and coat conditioning

-”I use the Shampoo PLUS so that I can start the grooming process with a clean, healthy horse. This product is very concentrated, and only requires a small amount to accomplish your goal. Unless your horse has rolled in Georgia red clay, which always takes two baths! Please remember that water breeds bacteria, so make sure to dry your horse very well.”

Fungicide PLUS

Purpose: Quick relief for skin conditions

-”Next, address skin issues, if there are any, with Fungicide PLUS. Some examples are rain rot, summer itch, chronic scratches and mud fever. To use, apply to affected areas and leave on for a few minutes before washing it off. If a horse’s skin is irritated in many areas, you can use this as a complete body shampoo. Always dry completely.”

Shine Spray PLUS

Purpose: Coat polishing, skin conditioning and insect repellent

-”I use the Shine Spray PLUS in the horse’s clean tail, and sometimes over the entire body. It does not contain silicone, so the saddle will not slip! Amazingly, it repels flies up to 8 hours and can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, Fly Spray PLUS.”

Fly Spray PLUS

Purpose: Skin conditioning and coat polishing

-”A wonderful product for fly spray! There are so many products on the market, but this is a natural spray, and does not cause flaking or skurfing of the skin.”

Fly Spray PLUS Wipes

Purpose: Skin conditioning and coat polishing

-”Since some horses do not like to have fly spray actually sprayed near their face, I use the Fly Spray PLUS Wipes for the horse’s face and ears. If you have a sensitive horse, these wipes are wonderful to have by the show ring.”

CocoTea Hoof Therapy

Purpose: Anti-fungal and encourages hoof elasticity and growth

-”We have all heard the old adage, ‘no hoof, no horse’. In this case, proper maintenance is key to keeping horses show ready. This is a daily use product. In addition, because this has anti-fungal properties, CocoTea Hoof Therapy is used by many farriers under hoof pads for specific shoeing needs.”

CocoTea Salve

Purpose: Soothes hair and skin irritation, aids in hair growth and natural antiseptic

-”I love this product to help soothe irritated skin and regrow hair. Many horses get summer itch from flies and other insects. You may see your horse rubbing his tail or the side of his body. Check to see if any hair is missing, and use this product generously on the affected area. I recommend use after you have used the Fungicide PLUS.”