Structure+ is a bioavailable source of liquid silicon shown in independent research trials to increase silicon retention. Horses supplementing bioavailable silicon have been shown to compete for longer before incurring injury as compared to un-supplemented controls. Silicon not only supports bone health but also connective tissue elasticity and collagen production. Add Structure+ to your horse’s diet and help support bone and soft tissue health.

+ Supports Cartilage
+ Supports Connective Tissue
+ Supports Ligament elasticity
+ Tendon support




Active ingredients:
Silicon 375 mg (per ½ fluid ounce)

Inactive ingredients:
Purified Water

Directions for Use

1/2 oz once or twice per day For best results shake well and administer ½ oz. twice daily.

Structure+ provides bioavailable silicon proven to support bone and soft tissue health. Connective tissue health is an integral component of performance horse success. Without strong bone, tendons and ligaments, competitive longevity is at risk. Collagen is a major component of connective tissue. Dietary silicon is not only involved in formation of the collagen matrix, but also in its mineralization and, as such, it is a vital component to insuring connective tissue health. Structure+ provides a source of silicic acid proven to be the most bioavailable form of silicon on the market today. Independent research has shown that feeding bioavailable silicon increases bone density, allowing young horses to compete for longer before injury compared to unsupplemented controls. Feeding Structure+ supports your performance horse’s soft tissue and bone health during both competition and rehabilitation, as well as the development of young growing horses.


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