Sport Care 12 Mix



• Energy levels in an oat-free format

• Controlled energy release for sustained performance and stamina

• Post exercise recovery and muscle glycogen replenishment

• Gastric and hindgut function

• Fiber digestion and nutrient absorption

• Balanced temperament

• Bone strength and integrity

• Condition and topline

• Immune function


• Oat-free formulation

• High in oil

• High in easily digestible fibers, including alfalfa chaff

• Palatable blend of wholegrain cereals

• Steam cooked for improved digestibility and nutrient availability

• Source of quality protein and essential amino acids

• Contains yeast and the prebiotics, MOS and FOS

• Contains Acidbuf, a natural acid buffer

• Includes RED MILLS Pro Balance vitamin and mineral package, rich in iron and copper

• Added antioxidants including vitamin-E, C and selenium

• Contains electrolytes

Ideal For

  • Horses requiring an oat-free diet
  • Horses requiring a specialised feeding programme
  • Horses in moderate to hard work
  • Horses that travel and compete on a regular basis
  • Horses working in challenging climates


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Flaked Barley (Steam Cooked), Flaked Corn (Steam Cooked), Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Ground Soybean Hulls, Cane Molasses, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Chopped Dehydrated Alfalfa, Ground Extruded Whole Soybeans, Flaked Soybean (Steam Cooked), Flaked Pea (Steam Cooked), Linseed Oil, Flaked Wheat (Steam Cooked), Mono-Dicalcium Phosphate, Soybean Oil, Seaweed-Derived Calcium, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Magnesium Oxide, Mannan-/Fructo-Oligosaccharides, L-Carnitine, Biotin, Active Dry Yeast, Vitamin C Supplement


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Additional information


1 Pallet, 10 Pallets, 44lbs, 5 Pallets


Sport Care 12 Mix is a complementary feed for horses and ponies to be fed with forage, fresh water and free-choice salt.

Feeding guidelines are intended as a guideline only. Horses should be fed according to bodyweight, condition and workload. For further advice please contact one of our nutritional experts.

Sport Care 12 Mix

Sport Care 12 Mix