MonoBloc Xcelerate Racing Plates


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  • The MonoBloc Xcelerate Racing Plates are the pinnacle combination of unbeatable performance and state-of-the-art engineering. Meticulously crafted out of solid 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum, the Xcelerate Racing Plates offer unparalleled traction and surface control. When milli-seconds count, the MonoBloc Xcelerate Horseshoe’s ultra-light construction will provide a free range of motion, reduced loading and enhanced balance while remaining 65% lighter than a tradition steel horse shoe.
  • The Xcelerate Racing Plates are not only engineered to help race horse’s performance on the track but also help them to move correctly. The rolled front infinity edge encourages a faster breakover while also providing ample sole support. The width of the branches of the shoe, which are wider than a traditional racing plate, helps to maintain hoof wall integrity as well as providing ample heel support. Finally, the Xcelerate Racing plate features a proprietary traction design that has 60% more surface area then any other shoe on the market, in addition, a 2mm toe grab bar for additional take-off speed.
  • All American Equus horse shoes offer precise sizing that helps farriers achieve a secure fit for each horse. The Xcelerate Racing Plates are guaranteed to hold its integrity for the entire shoeing cycle.
  • The rich color finish is not only beautiful but also extremely functional. The deep anodizing process provides a anti-microbial barrier between the top of the shoe and hoof wall that inhibits oxidation and fungus growth which is a typical problem with aluminum shoes in high moisture environments, thus making these one of the most desirable performance horseshoes on the market.
  • Features:
    • Weight- 104g
    • Height- .33”
    • Rolled Front Infinity Edge (no tabs or clips)
    • Coutersunk and Beveled Topside Nail holes
    • Sold by the pair
    • Available in sizes “00”-“2”
    • Deep Anodized color
    • Crafted from .5” 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum


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Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions.33 × .33 × .33 in

.0, .00, .000, 1, 2


Azur Blue, Crimson Red

MonoBloc Xcelerate Racing Plates

MonoBloc Xcelerate Racing Plates