Farm Dog Salvation Salve

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Crusty Nose & Dry Skin Care

Salvation Crusty Nose & Dry Skin Care soothes dry skin and topical inflammation, heals crusty dry noses, accelerates skin-cell growth and restores skin integrity. Salvation promotes natural colored hair re-growth.

+ Crusty Dry Nose

+ Dry skin

+ Sore paw pads

+ Dry painful elbows

+ Crusty skin

+ Missing fur or Alopecia

+ Painful red skin

+ Dry inflamed ears

+ Sunburn

+ Eczema

+ Improves skin tone & texture

+ Supports hair & nails growth

+ Scavenges skin damaging free radicals

+ Helps lock in your body’s natural moisture

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Coconut oil*, apricot, hemp, almond oils, virgin olive oil*, unrefined shea butter, aloe butter and mango butter. Essential oils of peppermint, lavender, patchouli, ylang ylang, petigrain and carrot seed, candelilla wax, dried calendula flower*, vitamin E*. (*organic). Vegan and GMO Free.


Dry skin, paw pads, elbows, inflammations: Apply to affected area twice daily to soothe and heal.
Crusty Nose: Apply to nose twice daily until healed. Apply once daily to maintain smooth nose surface.
Ears: Put a small amount of Salvation into the exterior ear canal and allow to liquify into ear canal.
Hair Growth: Apply twice daily until hair has returned.
Precautions: Keep out of eyes. Not for cats. Safe if ingested.


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Farm Dog Salvation Salve

Farm Dog Salvation Salve