Farm Dog Pet Urine and Eco Cleaner


Relief Pet Urine and Eco Cleaner makes living with dogs easy. Cleans up urine, vomit, poop and odors on floors and fabrics. Relief can be sprayed directly onto smelly dogs for immediate odor removal instead of a perfumed cover up.

+ Removes odors then works to dissolve solids and proteins

+ Safe on for all household surface and kennels

+ Removes skunk odor within 30 minutes

+ Can be used as a dog deodorizer

+ Available in convenient 1oz. Concentrate refills

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Aqueous extracts of mineral salts, essential oil of lavender. Vegan and GMO Free.


Pour into spray bottle. Fill with 24 oz. of filtered water.

General: Wipe up any urine or solids. Spray area and wipe clean.
For carpet and fabrics: Soak up any urine, saturate area with Relief and let dry.
To clean surfaces: Spray then wipe or mop surfaces.
For skunked dog: Spray entire dog with Relief. Let dry. Large dogs will need entire 24 ounces of cleaner. Never pour water on a skunked dog.

Shake well.

Precautions: Keep out of eyes. Can be used in cat boxes. Safe if ingested.


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Farm Dog Pet Urine and Eco Cleaner

Farm Dog Pet Urine and Eco Cleaner