Equine Ulcer+

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Supports intestinal health, immune function and healthy skin!

Ulcer+ provides a source of Sea Buckthorn berry pulp with exceptional levels of Omega 7 fatty acid and diverse free radical fighting compounds. Clinical research has shown that feeding Sea Buckthorn berry pulp to horses supports the health of the stomach lining, especially in the glandular region. Additionally, Sea Buckthorn promotes normal healthy digestion and neuroendocrine function, and helps to insure a normal immune response

  • Supports Intestinal Health
  • Neuroendocrine Support
  • Supports Immune Function
  • Healthy Skin

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Additional Information

1 Gal., 64 oz.

Product Specifications

For best results shake well and feed Ulcer+ top dressed on feed. Feed 3 oz. twice per day to support gastric health during times of stress. Feed 1.5 oz. twice per day for skin and health maintenance.

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