Equine Mane And Tail Conditioner



EnviroEquine Mane and Tail Conditioner’s rich formula provides long- lasting protection to your horse’s mane and tail. Silk proteins penetrate the hair shaft, adding strength and shine to each strand of hair and helping to reduce breakage and generate volume. The blend of essential oils, coconut oils and camelina oils protects against environmental damage and restores moisture. Coconut oil is a rich source of Lauric acid, which is able to penetrate the hair shaft and has an affinity for the protein within hair. In research, coconut oil has been shown to help reduce damage to hair caused by combing. With the hydrating properties of oils combined with those of Aloe Vera, our Mane and Tail Conditioner locks in moisture and leaves hair with amazing shine, while improving hair elasticity and manageability.

Mane and Tail Conditioner is completely cruelty- free, never tested on animals and uses only the highest quality ingredients.

+ Deep conditioning
+ Protects hair
+ Radiant shine
+ Silk Proteins
+ Camelina Oil
+ Aloe Vera


Featured Oils

Camelina, Lavender, Chamomile, Coconut


Shake well before use. First shampoo the mane and tail with one of EnviroEquine’s shampoo products and rinse well so that no residue remains. Then work a small amount of product through the wet mane and tail from roots to tips, using a comb. Rinse well with water. For stubborn tangles, use with EnviroEquine Detangler and Shine Spray.

Fact Sheet

View and/or download the Mane & Tail Conditioner fact sheet:
Fact Sheet Mane And Tail Conditioner

Enviro Equine & PET products are made from “science and nature’s best” to create better health and well-being for your horse, with all natural, organically sourced ingredients. All of our grooming products are chemical free, cruelty free, and enriched with essential oils and nourishing ingredients. We hand pack each product on a daily basis for guaranteed freshness and traceability. We wouldn’t think of giving our own horses or pets anything else.


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4 OZ, 32 OZ, 1 GAL, 2.5 GAL

Equine Mane And Tail Conditioner

Equine Mane And Tail Conditioner