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GastroBalance Original

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All Natural Performance Horse Supplement!

GastroBalance’s unique combination of Bentonite clay, unrefined salt, and trace minerals provide gastrointestinal, hydration and growth support. Bentonite clay binds mycotoxins found in equine feeds and bedding that may be responsible for lack of appetite, weight loss and poor performance. Bentonite also buffers stomach acid and provides dietary silica that promotes bone health. Added trace minerals and vitamins ensure a well-rounded product that promotes overall well-being and performance.

+ Detoxification

+ Stomach Buffer

+ Vital Trace Minerals

+ Gastrointestinal Support

+ Hydration Support

+ Skeletal Support



Analysis & Ingredients

Guaranteed Analysis (per 2 oz dose): Calcium (mg) 3,400 4,000, Phosphorous (mg) 1,650, Salt (mg) 5,950 7,100, Magnesium (mg) 1,060, Potassium (mg) 68, Copper (mg) 65, Zinc (mg) 130, Selenium (mg) 1.3, Vit A. (IU) 18,750, Vit D. (IU) 1,875, Vit E. (IU) 45

Ingredients: Sodium Bentonite, Monocalcium Phosphate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Unrefined Salt, Ground Limestone, Organic Oil, Lysine Hydrochloride, Copper Sulfate, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin E supplement, Ascorbic Acid, di-Methionine, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Sodium Selenite.

Feeding Directions

Young Horses: 1 oz (1scoop) per horse per day.
Full Grown Horses: 2–4 oz (2–4 scoops) per horse per day depending on exercise and diet.

Enclosed scoop holds 1 ounce. Always allow free choice access to fresh, clean water following supplementation with EE products.

5LB = 40 Day Supply for One Horse
25LB = 200 Day Supply for One Horse
50LB = 400 Day Supply for One Horse

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How It Works

Bentonite clay has long been appreciated for its properties as a binder in animal feed and also as a digestive tract conditioner in livestock production. Bentonite clay, a type of smectite, is a natural clay containing sodium calcium aluminosilicate that comes from volcanic ash in the United States. Clays are crystalline molecules made up of alkali cations meaning that they have an alkali acidity. The molecules within the clay are arranged in a 3 dimensional arrangement that results in internal voids and channels in which a wide variety of other molecules can become trapped. When added to diets clays are able to trap toxic materials lowering their toxicity and essentially removing them from the gastrointestinal tract. Smectite clays such as the clay in the EnviroEquine products have high absorption capacity.

Clays such as smectites are able to absorb large amounts of water which is one way that they are able to reduce diarrhea. Additionally in pigs they have been shown to alter the microbial population in the gastrointestinal tract resulting in more favorable gut flora. It is thought that this is achieved by changing the intestinal environment due to the clay’s alkaline pH which influences the growth of specific types of bacteria. One of the causes of diarrhea can be low grade colonization of the gastrointestinal tract with pathogenic bacteria. These bacteria proliferate more readily when the pH of the gastrointestinal tract is more acidic. Therefore the addition of the more alkali clay may help stabilize pH maintaining an environment less favorable for these bacteria and more favorable for the gastrointestinal tract’s “good” bacteria. Additionally clays may attract bacterial cells with enough force to break these cells apart. Smectite clays have been shown to reduce post-operative diarrhea in horses with colic associated with the large intestine.

Other ways in which the gastrointestinal tract may be negatively impacted is from molds that occur in feeds. While thought to be less sensitive to mycotoxins and aflatoxins than some other species, horses may still suffer from the negative consequences of these molds being present in their feed. Bentonite clay and sodium calcium aluminosilicate the two main ingredients of Gastro and ElectroBalance have been shown to be beneficial in livestock feed by reducing the negative effects of toxins such as fumonisin and aflotoxins that are molds that can occur naturally in feeds. Unless removed, these toxins absorb quickly from the gastrointestinal tract after consumption and may cause a number of problems. In other species they have been linked to lack of appetite, weight loss, poor performance, depression, as well as reduced fertility and growth rate. It is thought that the clay binds irreversibly with the toxin in the gut thereby preventing absorption thus acting prophylactically. Preventing these toxins from entering the body has been shown to reduce severity of stress on the liver. Additionally clays bind toxins or detoxify bacterial toxins and have been shown in pigs to reduce permeability and damage to the intestinal lining caused by these toxins.

All GastroBalance products contain a source of naturally occurring unrefined salt. Daily sodium intake is vital for insuring adequate water consumption which is an important component of reducing impaction colic risk as well as the many functions in the body that require water. These include maintaining adequate lubrication of mucus membranes, production of secretions necessary for digestion, proper kidney function and many others. Sodium is also a vital mineral for proper muscle contraction. Horses that become dehydrated will suffer decreased performance.


Q: What is the major difference between GastroBalance and GastroBalance plus?

A: The major differences between GastroBalance and GastroBalance plus are that GastroBalance Plus provides a source of research proven yeast cultures shown to support hindgut health and feed utilization. Additionally GastroBalance Plus utilizes highly bioavailable organic trace minerals, selenium yeast, and natural vitamin E making it an excellent choice for hard working performance horses. GastroBalance is recommended for horses that face lower levels of stress and do not require as much digetstive tract support.

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    “The health of my horses comes first, and with EnviroEquine’s all natural and well formulated products, I know they are getting the best. Bernie aka Bernsie’s Baby and I are the 2016 Camelot Events Thoroughbred Jumper Champions. Bernie raced 47 times, so keeping his gut happy, especially with all the traveling to shows and lessons is very important and I know Gastro Balance does just that.”

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    JJ T.

    Team Tate has been using GastroBalance for a couple of years now & the health of my horses is plain to see! I have a feisty red headed mare and she has totally blossomed on it and her stomach has continued to be so strong with even a very heavy show schedule. I have never had to treat her for ulcers ever. Another horse we have gets diarrhea in FL from the bacteria in the ground and water, we put him on the Gastrobalance – it’s the only thing that solved his problems! It was amazing! As we attempted to wean him off of it, it came back! It was a miracle cure for him!

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    Carolynne S.

    My OTQH spent a year turned out with alfalfa on free feed and grass up to his belly. Still, as you can see he isn’t an easy keeper! Lucky for me, once he came back into training he was able to get Enviro Equine! OmegaBalance and Gastrobalance have helped him gain weight, his coat looks spectacular (yes he’s trying to dapple in winter!) and he has no need for shoes. He was also a terrible worry wart which gave him ulcers but since being on the gastro we haven’t needed to use any additional medications for his gut! Since he’s been supplement free for a year he’s a perfect example of what you can expect when you start to use Enviro Equine!

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    Timothy B.

    For the horses to be able to perform at their best both at home and competition, it is essential that the horses are feeling their best- this happens from the inside out. At Bourke Eventing we strive to provide the very best nutritional program for all of our horses- from our four year olds to our four star horses. With Enviro Equine’s GastroBalance, ElectroBalance, and OmegaBalance we are able to have a comprehensive supplement program that is not only complete, but also is a very simple part of our daily routine.

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    Lia S.

    I’m amazed by the difference I’ve seen in all of my horses after being on EnviroEquine’s products for just 30 days. Their coats went from being dull and generally lack-luster to shiny and dappled in just a couple weeks. Gastric health is also very important to me as we are constantly traveling to shows, and I am so pleased with how happy and eager to work my horses are while on GastroBalance. It’s extremely comforting knowing my horses are getting the best care on EnviroEquine’s all natural supplements!!

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    Greg B.

    GastroBalance and ElectroBalance have become part of the Balleypatrick daily feeding routine. After first using these products on my Olympic Horse MHS Going Global, and now on all my competition horses, I would highly recommend them to be part of any yard’s feeding program

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