Equine Enriched Shampoo



Shampoo PLUS Conditioner is a vitamin-enriched, deep-cleaning and conditioning shampoo unique among equine shampoos. Enviro Equine’s exclusive formula contains high-lathering cleansing agents and is fortified with moisturizers, emollients, and vitamins. In addition, Shampoo Plus is enriched with camelina oil, lemongrass, and aloe vera.

This wholesome plant-based extract, with its essential omega fatty acids and natural vitamin E, provides numerous benefits to the coat and skin. It nourishes the hair shaft from root to tip and hydrates the skin. The tocopherols in camelina oil also protect the coat from sun damage, helping maintain that brilliant shine all through the year. You will feel and see the beautifully soft, glossy difference!

Our Enriched Shampoo is completely cruelty- free, never tested on animals and uses only the highest quality ingredients.

+ Deep Cleans
+ Hydrates Skin
+ Conditions Coat
+ Tearless
+ Camelina Oil
+ Essential Oils
+ Aloe Vera


Featured Oils

Camelina, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Spearmint


Pre-wet the coat with water to remove excessive loose dirt. Add a liberal amount of shampoo into a bucket of water. Apply shampoo solution with a sponge and massage until a rich lather appears. Allow lather to remain on the hair for several minutes. Rinse until water runs clear. Towel dry. Keep out of eyes and avoid mucous membranes.

Fact Sheet

View and/or download the Enriched Shampoo fact sheet:
Fact Sheet Enriched Shampoo

Enviro Equine & PET products are made from “science and nature’s best” to create better health and well-being for your horse, with all natural, organically sourced ingredients. All of our grooming products are chemical free, cruelty free, and enriched with essential oils and nourishing ingredients. We hand pack each product on a daily basis for guaranteed freshness and traceability. We wouldn’t think of giving our own horses or pets anything else.


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4 OZ, 32 OZ, 1 GAL, 2.5 GAL

Equine Enriched Shampoo

Equine Enriched Shampoo