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All Natural Sweat Replacer & Basic GI Support

A concentrated source of sodium and chloride with no added sugar (dextrose), ElectroBalance replaces electrolytes lost during periods of intense sweating and minimizes the risk of electrolyte depletion through sweat in sport horses or urine in racehorses administered Lasix. Electrolyte depletion can lead to early onset of fatigue and problems with muscle function, and has negative implications for bone health. Proper hydration encourages post-exercise muscle glycogen replenishment, and natural vitamin E supports muscle recovery after intense exercise. Available as a granule for daily use as well as easy-to-administer syringes that are convenient during transportation.

+ Electrolyte Sweat Replacer

+ Recovery Support

+ Natural Vitamin E

+ Organic Trace Minerals

+ No Sugar (Dextrose) or Fillers

+ Encourages Horses to Drink


Analysis & Ingredients

Guaranteed Analysis per 2 oz dose:
Calcium (min) 1.7 % (960 mg), Calcium (max) 2.0 % (1,135 mg), Salt (min) 29.3 % (16,600 mg), Salt (max) 34.3 % (19,440 mg), Sodium (min) 11.9 % (6,745 mg), Sodium (max) 14.3 % (8,105 mg), Chloride (min) 22.9 % (13,000 mg), Magnesium (min) 0.8 % (450 mg), Potassium (min) 6.8 % (3,850 mg), Copper (min) 300 ppm (15 mg), Manganese (min) 440 ppm (35 mg), Zinc (min) 880 ppm (50 mg), Vitamin D (min) 4,000 IU/lb (500 IU), Vitamin E (min) 2,000 IU/lb (250 IU)

Ingredients: Sodium Bentonite, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Ground Limestone, Magnesium Oxide, Mineral Oil, d-a-Tocopheryl, Calcium L-Ascorbyl 2-Monophosphate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Zinc Methionine Complex, Manganese Methionine Complex, Copper Lysine Complex, Cobalt Glucoheptonate

Feeding Directions

Work Level: LIGHT
Dose: 2 Scoops
Sweat Level: Visible sweat

Work Level: MODERATE
Dose: 4 Scoops
Sweat Level: Dripping sweat

Work Level: HEAVY
Dose: 6 Scoops
Sweat Level: Dripping sweat in humid weather or for extended periods of time

5lb = 20 Day Supply for One Horse
25lb = 66–200 Day Supply for One Horse
50LB = 133–400 Day Supply for One Horse

Auto-Ship Info

2 oz ServingDays of useDays of useDays of useDays of use
Ship frequencyShip frequencyShip frequencyShip frequency
8 lb6421 (2 per month)136.5
25 lb200664020
50 lb4001338040

How It Works

ElectroBalance provides levels of electrolytes to aid in electrolyte replenishment. And unlike other electrolytes on the market, ElectroBalance contains no sugar (dextrose) or fillers. Horse sweat is hypertonic meaning that the concentration of electrolytes in their sweat is more concentrated than in body fluids. As a result, periods of intense sweating can leave a horse at risk of electrolyte depletion. Not only will this result in decreased performance, but it may also have negative health implications. ElectroBalance is designed to replace these losses.

ElectroBalance products contain a source of naturally occurring unrefined salt. Daily sodium intake is vital for insuring adequate water consumption which is an important component of reducing impaction colic risk as well as the many functions in the body that require water. These include maintaining adequate lubrication of mucus membranes, production of secretions necessary for digestion, proper kidney function and many others. Sodium is also a vital mineral for proper muscle contraction. Horses that become dehydrated will suffer decreased performance.

ElectroBalance provides twice the salt per serving compared to GastroBalance and provides electrolytes in a ratio that mirrors that of equine sweat. ElectroBalance is formulated to be an electrolyte that can be used to replace losses incurred through heavy sweating.

In addition to the more than 40 minerals provided by the bentonite clay and raw salt, ElectroBalance has added copper, zinc and selenium to support vital metabolic functions. Zinc is involved in over 300 metabolic processes, is a key operator in immune function as well as the health of hooves and skin. Copper, a constituent of collagen, helps support strong skeletal development when fed in adequate amounts to broodmares during pregnancy. Selenium plays a vital role in glutathione peroxidase which protects cells from the toxic effects of hydrogen peroxidases that are produced during exercise. It also plays a role in thyroid hormone metabolism.

ElectroBalance utilizes Zinpro® Performance Minerals which are amino acid complexes. This means that unlike the naturally occurring oxide and sulfur forms of zinc and copper commonly used in supplements, these trace minerals are attached to the amino acids methionine and lysine respectively. This may improve their absorption as it allows the minerals to leave the gastrointestinal tract via pathways meant for amino acids rather than those used by other minerals. This reduces competition for absorption. Zinpro has performed more than 200 peer reviewed studies into the effects of their minerals in a number of species and have shown improvements in hoof health, improved feed utilization, immune function, skin and epithelial health and improved production response in stressful conditions.


Q: Can I increase the dosage during hot, humid days and/or major weather changes?

A: Absolutely! During the hot, humid days or major weather changes, we recommend feeding anywhere up to 6 scoops in a day. This will help increase the electrolyte support and stimulate good drinking habits especially during hot or major weather changes when a horse might not drink as much.

12 reviews for ElectroBalance

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    Liz Millikin

    I highly recommend this product, especially if your horse is in serious training and traveling to shows!! It is the only electrolyte that I will use!!! Fabulous product!!!

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    Ashley Madison

    I have used Electrobalance on my own Grand Prix horse for almost a year now and have seen excellent results!!! I truly believe this product has helped keep him in top form throughout his competition season. I now have numerous horses in my barn on Electrobalance and each one exudes health from nose to tail! I cannot say enough good things about this product!

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    Hillary Irwin

    This is a great way to ensure that your horse is getting all of its nutritional needs met, while making sure you are replacing their electrolytes used during work or shipping, and still helping support their GI track. We have been thrilled with how well Electrobalance works for our entire barn!

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    I am SO excited about ElectroBalance for its many benefits. As we are transition into winter and colder temperatures, I never have to worry about my horses’ water consumption. Both of my horses drink a LOT of water and also lick their pans clean each time I add ElectroBalance to their rations. Very pleased with this product! It gives me peace of mind….

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    Fernando Ayala, La Tradición Polo

    Our horses have now been on EnviroEquine ElectroBalance and OmegaBalance omega-3 camelina oil for over a year now. We have been so impressed with the way every single one of our horses bodies have changed and stayed healthy, shiny, and happy! We travel a lot with our horses whether it’s just 10 minutes down the road to a polo game a couple of times a week or several hours and days out of state a few times a year. Our horses never step off the trailer anymore looking nervous, tired, stiff, or exhausted!

    In our discipline you have a lot of OTTBs playing polo and on average there are always going to be a few that are hard to keep weight on or just hard keepers in general. We no longer have that issue at all and never worry about it with being on these all natural supplements!!!

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    Shane Togami

    After only a month on the EnviroEquine & PET program we have seen amazing results! Our horse is keeping weight in all of the right places and weathering the competition schedule of CA beautifully! thank you EnviroEquine for your simple but though program!

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    Ashley Madison

    All summer I have been quietly spreading the word to clients and friends about EnviroEquine- a company who’s products I believe have made a huge difference in my horses’ health and well being. I am happy to officially announce my partnership with this awesome company and cannot wait to share with everyone the difference these products have made in my horses. The two products I have been using are the OmegaBalance oil and Electrobalance Minerals. When you walk through my barn, you can tell which horses are on the program- they exude health! I have experienced many benefits first hand including healthier coats and hoof, decreased joint inflammation, and excellent stamina. My own Gani no longer eats any grain in his diet because of these products. Everyone should give EnviroEquine a try- the results speak for themselves!

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    Chelsea Kolman

    Wow! 10 day on Enviro Equine supplements: OmegaBalance, ElectroBalance, and GastroBalance Plus and my horses look AMAZING!!!! I am obsessed with this company and everything that they do! They have broken the mold with their all natural products, seriously…… Amazing!!! Not only do they REALLY work but my horses LOVE the taste! How often do you hear someone say their horses LIKE and WILLINGLY EAT their supplements, especially their electrolytes?????? Well now you will because the horses absolutely love every product and lick their buckets clean! I am so excited I decided to try these products and will use them forever!

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    Timothy Bourke

    For the horses to be able to perform at their best both at home and competition, it is essential that the horses are feeling their best- this happens from the inside out. At Bourke Eventing we strive to provide the very best nutritional program for all of our horses- from our four year olds to our four star horses. With Enviro Equine’s GastroBalance, ElectroBalance, and OmegaBalance we are able to have a comprehensive supplement program that is not only complete, but also is a very simple part of our daily routine.

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    Carolynne Smith

    GastroBalance and ElectroBalance have become part of the Balleypatrick daily feeding routine. After first using these products on my Olympic Horse MHS Going Global, and now on all my competition horses, I would highly recommend them to be part of any yard’s feeding program

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    Misdee M.

    OmegaBalance keeps our horses not only looking good, but healthy from the inside. With ElectroBalance, the horses have the stamina to compete on the third day as well as they started the first day, and we don’t have to take days off to let them recover because they do recover so quickly coming back from the marathon and coming back from the 3-day show. That’s the competitive edge these products give us.
    ~Misdee M.

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    Quincy and Jenn A.

    “We know that through feeding EnviroEquine products, our horses are getting the best blend of natural ingredients and scientific research and that makes all the difference to our peace of mind. At Q Bar J Thoroughbreds, we do our very best to find and present the very best in Thoroughbreds. We rely heavily on EnviroEquine’s ElectroBalance because it not only helps our horses recover after a work but it also has trace minerals that support joint and gut health.”
    Quincy and Jenn A.

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