Domestic Travel Diet Consultation


Enviro Equine & PET is pleased to offer nutritional consultations to our customers to better prepare customized feed, supplement and forage programs for their horses at home and on the road. Selecting the right feeds and supplements, or maintaining your horses well dialed-in diet, especially while traveling, can be challenging. Thanks to Dr. Clair Thunes, Ph.D., Enviro Equine & PET’s resident equine nutritionist, personalized plans are only one appointment away.

Here is how it works:
• Click on buy “Domestic Travel Diet Consultation”.
• After completed checkout you will see the link to the “Nutritional Consultation Form”.
• Please complete the form with as much detail as possible and submit it.
• Dr. Clair Thunes will contact you to discuss your horses needs.


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Evaluation Process

Evaluations are conducted remotely and start by completing our detailed intake paperwork. This allows Dr. Thunes to determine your horse’s body weight, current condition, and work level which sets their nutrient requirements. Also collected are details regarding current diet and health history. Using this information, Dr. Thunes will assess your current nutrition program and identify any existing excesses or deficiencies. A personalized nutrition program will then be created that takes in to consideration the type of forage being fed and makes recommendations for specific products both feeds and supplements as needed.

Domestic Travel Diet Consultation

Domestic Travel Diet Consultation