Book ” A Horse by Nature”


Praise for A Horse By Nature by Mary Ann Simonds

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“Mary Ann Simond’s book A Horse by Nature is truly a must-read for every equestrian! Too many conflicts arise between contemporary riders and their horses due to a lack of understanding in regard to the needs, behaviors, and reflexes of a flight and herd animal and those of a human being. Humans who decide to work with or ride horses must essentially become flight and herd animals themselves in order to build a trusting foundation that allows for the two very different beings to work well together. Mary Ann’s book provides a wonderful introduction and deep understanding of the nature of the horse and the great potential for conflict that lies behind a lack of understanding when working with these wonderful animals. A Horse By Nature should be required reading for anyone involved with horses.” —Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, veterinarian, author of Tug of War: Classical vs. “Modern” Dressage

A Horse by Nature allows readers to get deep inside the psyche of horses, to formulate a plan to better meet their needs, and to train them with logic and empathy, using methods that make sense and that get results.” —Julie Goodnight, Trainer and Horsemanship Clinician

A Horse by Nature bridges the gap we have been missing in the horse industry. Being able to understand our equine partners through their body language is really a game changer. Understanding horses by their eyes, their body language, and their energy is something that most of us never learned. Thanks to Mary Ann Simonds and her new book, we now have this information available to help train better horses.” —Danielle Torano, Show Jumper and Hunter/Equitation Trainer

“Horses have survived in the wild for hundreds of thousands of years. But life has changed—all horses used to be free, now most are not. Since we humans are guardians to the beautiful horses in our lives, it’s important we are aware of their genetic makeup and understand how to work with their nature. For this reason, anyone and everyone who cares about animals should read this book—especially young riders, so they start off right.” –Joe Fargis, Horseman, Educator, Olympian

“This book provides suggestions and some directional ideas of how we can all move together for the good of the horse, which I think is so important.” —Duncan Peters, DVM, DACVSMR

“This is a great book. If you suspect you’re not going to be able find the time to spend years or even months sitting out on a range observing how horses really relate to each other, to their environment, and to us, then (grab a cup of coffee, and) get this book.” —Jim Masterson, Founder of the Masterson Method® and author of Beyond Horse Massage

“One of the most educational books that I have read in a long time. Mary Ann has provided us with the Toastmasters International version of how to learn to fully listen to what horses are trying to tell us in an effort to for us to be better communicators with horses.  She has done an outstanding job in outlining how to be respectful and effective in participating in a horse-human conversation.” —Kevin Haussler, DVM, DC, PhD, Dipl. ACVSMR

“Horse enthusiasts will absorb decades of insight, wisdom, and compassion from an extraordinary, gifted horse woman. Illustrative photos expand the insights, as one photo is worth a thousand words. The superb editing by Rebecca Didier, creates an informative, yet delightfully easy read. Integrating communication through subtle senses and learning about more profound degrees of horse/human communication will deepen your connection with your horse. Read, absorb, and smile as you expand your awareness.”  —Allen Schoen, DVM. MS., PhD. (hon.), co-author, The Compassionate Equestrian

“This book is a treasure for every horse lover, whether for the professional with decades of experience or for someone just starting with horses. The genetic match between wild and domestic horses proves the similarity in behavior as well. Mary Ann Simonds, an experienced wildlife biologist takes us inside the world of wild horses and shows us how uniquely social and exceptionally cooperative horses, wild and domestic alike, are. She opens our eyes to their learning behavior and well-being. Understanding horses, recognizing their body language, being able to communicate with them, and avoiding stress, are all key to working together successfully. It awakens joy and curiosity to recognize one’s own horse’s personality and individuality and develop empathy. This book is nothing less than the key to a truly better world for horse and man, opening eyes and the heart.”  Dr. Dorothe Meyer, Veterinarian Specializing in Equine Performance Physiology and Nutrition

“I applaud Mary Ann’s work, research and efforts in writing this book… she has helped bring a lot of necessary conversations to the fore and given us all the proper context to engage is such dialogue.“

Tom O’Mara, horse show parent

“This book gives us an in-depth look at the horse that lies behind our stylized ideals of what we believe horses to be. It gives us a chance to immerse ourselves in the culture, characteristics and communication that is the true horse. It may well be our Rosetta stone.” —Mary Knowlton, President of the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA)


Book ” A Horse by Nature”

Book ” A Horse by Nature”