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    Pet CocoTea Salve


    Helps alleviate hair and skin issues… naturally!

    EnviroPET CocoTea Salve has been formulated to combine the natural healing and antibacterial properties of coconut, tea tree, and rosemary oil that may help combat a variety of skin ailments, including hot spots, itchy/scaly skin and allergic reactions. This soothing formula is gentle on the skin, and encourages healthy hair growth and moisturizes skin.

    + Atopic Dermatitis
    + Hot Spots
    + Ringworm
    + Itchy Skin
    + Irritated Skin
    + Minor Scrapes
    + Minor Burns


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    Pet OmegaBalance Oil


    Help your dog to feel great – all the time!

    Enviro Equine OmegaBalance Camelina Oil provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids as well as all natural Vitamin E, OmegaBalance will benefit your whole dog:

    • Inflammatory Support
    • Joint Mobility
    • Improves coat condition/aids in shedding prevention
    • Supports a heart & circulation
    • Seasonal allergy support
    • Aids in maintaining mental alertness in older dogs
    • Helps with skin irritation
    • Aids in controlling the growth of Malassezia Pachydermatis which causes yeast infections in dogs

    Outstanding results with as little as 1/4 to 1/2 oz daily, depending on your dog’s weight.

    Get the full range of benefits for your pet’s well-being by combining OmegaBalance with EveryDayBalance.


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