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    Combining trace elements, vitamins, amino acids as well as active yeast in convenient sachet form, Plusvital Recovery-7 is designed to aid post-performance muscle recovery as well as reduce oxidative stress.

    There is little scientific evidence to suggest that a concentrated boost of vitamins before a race leads to increased performance. However, there is significant research which indicates that providing vitamins to horses after intensive exercise can help support the recovery process.

    Plusvital Recovery-7 is designed to provide a wide range of antioxidants, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids (including BCAA’s) to support the horse in the seven days after a race or during periods of intense exercise. Plusvital Recovery-7’s concentrated formula balances 6 trace elements, 12 vitamins, 9 amino acids and active yeast. Recovery-7 is formulated to be quickly absorbed and rapidly restores nutritional balance, aiding a return to training and performance.

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    Concentrated post-competition supplement designed to assist in muscle recovery.

    Product size: 5 x 50G sachets

    Combining bioflavonoids, natural polyphenols, and Boswellia extract with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids, Plus Vital Re-Zest is formulated to be quickly absorbed and rapidly restore the nutritional balance of the horse, aiding in a swifter return to training and performance.

    Strenuous exercise puts the horse under a lot of stress and can lead to muscle damage due to free radical build-up. In order to combat this, anti-oxidants must be provided post exercise in order to support muscle recovery. It was previously thought best to provide the horse with vitamins and minerals pre-exercise, but recent research shows that giving anti-oxidants post exercise is more beneficial, especially in terms of muscle recovery.

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    Repeated exercise and training can put a lot of stress on the joints of the horse. Plusvital Flex Supp combines superior ingredients to support the mobility and joint health of the performance horse. The combined power of Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate and Sodium Hyaluronate with Plusvital Flex Supp work together with the added benefits of MSM, Rosehip, Selenium and Vitamin C.

    Rosehip, Selenium and Vitamin C have been added to Plusvital Flex Supp for their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Rosehip in particular has been shown to improve mobility and performance in supplemented horses and is a good source of Bioflavonoids.


    • Supports healthy joints and performance

    • Glucosamine at 5,000 mg per dose, Chondroitin Sulphate at 1,000 mg per dose & Sodium Hyaluronate at 100 mg per dose for healthy joints

    • MSM at 5,000 mg per 30 mg dose for analgesic & anti-inflammatory effects

    • Rosehip at 1,000 mg per dose is added for its anti-inflammatory properties

    • Source of organic Selenium

    • Algae as a source of fatty acids to support joint tissue


    Learn More About: Plusvital-Flex-Supp

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    Plusvital Acti-Hoof is specifically formulated to nourish the structures of the hoof from the inside out. Designed for horses that are prone to weak and brittle hooves, the Acti-Hoof powder provides all the nutrients required for optimum hoof health.

    Plusvital Acti-Hoof aims to promote hoof growth using a combination of Biotin, along with Copper and Zinc. Methionine and Lysine are included as essential amino acids, required for the formation of Keratin, which is the key constituent of hooves and hair. Vitamin B6 is included as a key factor in the transformation of amino acids.

    Acti-Hoof also has the additional benefit of a probiotic yeast. Research has shown that probiotics help enhance gastrointestinal digestion, which may reduce the occurrence of laminitis and toxins.


    Learn More about: Plusvital-Acti-Hoof

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    Nutritional imbalances have been shown to play a role in the occurrence of developmental orthopaedic disease in growing horses. Plusvital Breeding Robust ensures the growing horse gets the adequate nutrients for healthy skeletal development. These convenient pellets utilise the bone building strength of Calcium and combines it with the other essential elements necessary for healthy skeletal development and maintenance.

    By combining specific minerals, such as Calcium and Phosphorus, vitamins and amino acids in a highly palatable soy protein base, Plusvital Breeding Robust is designed to protect against dietary inadequacies that may lead to metabolic bone diseases.

    Plusvital Breeding Robust also contains Copper, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and the essential amino acids Lysine and Methionine.

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    Equine Daily Amino


    A source of the three most essential amino acids – supports energy and protein metabolism


    Daily Amino boosts your horse’s dietary amino acid profile by providing the essential amino acids lysine, methionine and threonine. Lysine is the first limiting amino acid in horse diets meaning that it is the most commonly deficient. Daily Amino is therefore an excellent choice for supporting muscle development as well as connective tissue, immune function, healthy hooves, coat and skin.

    + Promotes growth

    + Supports immune health

    + Supports healthy skin and coat

    + Promotes muscle development

    + Supports healthy hooves

    + Supports connective tissue



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    All Natural Performance Horse Supplement!

    GastroBalance’s unique combination of Bentonite clay, unrefined salt, and trace minerals provide gastrointestinal, hydration and growth support. Bentonite clay binds mycotoxins found in equine feeds and bedding that may be responsible for lack of appetite, weight loss and poor performance. Bentonite also buffers stomach acid and provides dietary silica that promotes bone health. Added trace minerals and vitamins ensure a well-rounded product that promotes overall well-being and performance.

    + Detoxification

    + Stomach Buffer

    + Vital Trace Minerals

    + Gastrointestinal Support

    + Hydration Support

    + Skeletal Support



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    For Performance & Mental Focus


    Hemp seed oil is a source of the unique fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an omega-6 that behaves like an omega-3. GLA has been shown to displace and compete with more inflammatory fatty acids in cell membranes. In particular, GLA is beneficial for skin health and digestive health and may help balance hormonal fluctuations in mares.

    EnviroEquine Hemp Seed Oil is pressed from hemp seeds grown in the United States and is non-GMO, herbicide-free and pesticide-free. It is ideal for horses at all stages of life, but particularly those facing the stresses associated with training and competition. EnviroEquine Hemp Seed Oil helps to ensure health and well being in all horses.

    Because this product contains hemp it can not be sold or shipped into California.

    Due to natural plant variation, supplements derived from hemp seeds may contain trace amounts of CBD. Our lab results show that the amounts are undetectable. However, as USEF and other organizations do not disclose their testing protocol, we recommend that competitive riders use this product at their own discretion. Please reach out to your discipline’s governing body for further guidance. Enviroequine is not responsible for any disciplinary action or penalty that may result from the use of this product.

    + Diverse range of terpenes

    + Natural antioxidants to combat oxidative stress

    + Promotes mental focus

    + Promotes metabolic function

    + Promotes vitality

    + Supports high performance

    + Weight management


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    Relaxation & Stamina Performance Blend

    Rich in digestible fiber, low in non-structural carbohydrates, with a high nutrient and fat content, Evolve supports overall condition, weight gain, immune and digestive health. This versatile supplement can be fed at varying levels depending on the needs of the horse. Excellent for sales prep to senior horses, Evolve can be fed to horses of any age to insure peak condition.

    Non-GMO, herbicide and pesticide free and grown in North America.

    Because this product contains hemp it can not be sold or shipped into California.

    Due to natural plant variation, supplements derived from hemp seeds may contain trace amounts of CBD. Our lab results show that the amounts are undetectable. However, as USEF and other organizations do not disclose their testing protocol, we recommend that competitive riders use this product at their own discretion. Please reach out to your discipline’s governing body for further guidance. Enviroequine is not responsible for any disciplinary action or penalty that may result from the use of this product.

    + Promotes healthy inflammation

    + Terpenes for digestive tract health

    + Highly palatable

    + Contains Hemp seed oil


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    Supports intestinal health, immune function and healthy skin!

    UlcerPlus provides a source of Sea Buckthorn berry pulp and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. Sea Buckthorn Berry Pulp provides exceptional levels of Omega-7 fatty acid and diverse free radical fighting compounds. Clinical research has shown that feeding Sea Buckthorn Berry Pulp to horses supports the health of the stomach lining, especially in the glandular region. Aloe Vera has also been shown to support horses with gastric ulcers and the guaranteed levels of aloe polysaccharides in UlcerPlus serve as a prebiotic helping to support gastrointestinal health as well as immune function.

    + Supports Intestinal Health

    + Neuroendocrine Support

    + Supports Immune Function

    + Healthy Skin


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    From: $295.95

    Structure+ is a bioavailable source of liquid silicon shown in independent research trials to increase silicon retention. Horses supplementing bioavailable silicon have been shown to compete for longer before incurring injury as compared to un-supplemented controls. Silicon not only supports bone health but also connective tissue elasticity and collagen production. Add Structure+ to your horse’s diet and help support bone and soft tissue health.

    + Supports Cartilage
    + Supports Connective Tissue
    + Supports Ligament elasticity
    + Tendon support



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    Equine OmegaBalance Oil

    From: $49.95

    OmegaBalance Camelina Oil – A Must for all Performance Horses


    OmegaBalance is a rich source of plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids from Camelina oil, which help support a healthy inflammatory response, insulin sensitivity and weight management. OmegaBalance provides support for performance horses faced with exercise-induced inflammation, allergies and arthritis, as well as horses with metabolic conditions and poor insulin regulation.

    + Cold-Pressed Camelina Oil

    + Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids

    + Natural High Levels of Vitamin E

    + FEI Safe – Drug Free

    + Gastrointestinal Support

    + Inflammatory Support

    + Seasonal Allergy Support

    Read Product Fact Sheet


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    Daily Vitamin & Mineral Pack

    A flax-based concentrated source of daily vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and prebiotics that support the well-being of the whole horse, EverydayBalance is a ration-balancing supplement that may be fed to horses and ponies on forage-only diets, as well as those on fortified feeds. Zinpro® complexed trace minerals are research-proven to promote healthy skin, coat, and immune function while natural vitamin E supports muscle function and recovery. With a combination of 50 billion CFU’s of proven prebiotic yeasts and mycotoxin binders, EverydayBalance promotes the health of the entire digestive tract. With 15 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per serving for a healthy anti-inflammatory response, EverydayBalance supports joint, immune, and airway health.

    + Daily Minerals and Vitamins

    + Ration Balancer

    + Natural Vitamin E

    + Zinpro Performance Minerals

    + Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    + Promotes GI Tract Health

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    From: $195.00

    Complete Gastrointestinal Health for the Performance Horse!

    Gastrobalance Plus has all the benefits of our Original formula with added Zinpro® Organic Trace Minerals for additional immune, hoof, and skin support. Gastrobalance Plus also contains a proprietary blend of yeast cultures shown in numerous University studies to promote hind gut health, nutrient absorption and stabilize intestinal tract pH.

    GastroBalance Plus provides a multi-pronged approach to complete gastrointestinal health thanks to a combination of Bentonite clay that buffers stomach acid and binds toxins, 50 billion CFU’s of prebiotic yeast that stabilize hindgut function and promote feed utilization, Zinpro® zinc amino acid complex that strengthens stomach tissue, and proven mycotoxin binders to remove mycotoxins found in feed and bedding.

    + Detoxification

    + Stomach Buffer

    + Proprietary Yeast Cultures

    + Zinpro® Trace Minerals

    + Gastrointestinal Support

    + Hoof and Coat Support

    + Skeletal Support


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    From: $145.00

    All Natural Sweat Replacer & Basic GI Support

    A concentrated source of sodium and chloride with no added sugar (dextrose), ElectroBalance replaces electrolytes lost during periods of intense sweating and minimizes the risk of electrolyte depletion through sweat in sport horses or urine in racehorses administered Lasix. Electrolyte depletion can lead to early onset of fatigue and problems with muscle function, and has negative implications for bone health. Proper hydration encourages post-exercise muscle glycogen replenishment, and natural vitamin E supports muscle recovery after intense exercise. Available as a granule for daily use as well as easy-to-administer syringes that are convenient during transportation.

    + Electrolyte Sweat Replacer

    + Recovery Support

    + Natural Vitamin E

    + Organic Trace Minerals

    + No Sugar (Dextrose) or Fillers

    + Encourages Horses to Drink


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