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  • $495.00
    • Helps prevent ulcers and colic
    • Saves 20-30% on feed costs
    • Can be programmed to feed small meals up to 48 times per day
    • Safe for horses in all stages of life
    • Works great with most common feed. Grain, hay pellets, most senior/sweet feed

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  • $455.00

    The iFEED is installed on the outside of the stall for easy access. Please specify additional installation hardware needed in the drop down boxes below.

    Installment options:
    Install iFEED with a slant back trough (not included) protruding through the wall to guide feed into the trough. This option requires a hole be cut in the stall wall.
    Install iFEED using the funnel (long or short version) to guide the feed into the feed bucket through the stalls bars. (Fits through most standard bars). Our straight back trough works well in this configuration.