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    OmegaBalance Camelina Oil & Electrobalance Sweat Replacer – A Must for all Performance Horses

    Two key nutrients that can be lacking in equine diets are omega-3 fatty acids and sodium. Both are vital for optimal health. Omega-3 fatty acids such as those provided by Omega Balance help support a healthy inflammatory response. A horse’s natural diet of fresh grass is abundant with these essential fats but they are lost during the hay making process because they are not heat stable. Therefore horses fed hay based diets may be lacking in these essential fats.

    + Cold-Pressed Camelina Oil
    + Pumpkin Seed Oil
    + Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids
    + Natural High Levels of Vitamin E

    + FEI Safe – Drug Free
    + Gastrointestinal Support

    + Inflammatory Support
    + Seasonal Allergy Support

    The concentration of sodium in the blood helps to stimulate thirst. Horses do not always consume enough salt to meet their needs especially if they are in hot climates or sweating hard. When this happens their thirst reflex is reduced and they may be at greater risk of impaction colic and reduced muscle function. Feeding ElectroBalance helps ensure that your horse is consuming enough sodium to maintain hydration and optimal performance. Feed OmegaBalance and ElectroBalance and provide these two essential nutrients.

    + Electrolyte Sweat Replacer
    + Recovery Support
    + Natural Vitamin E
    + Organic Trace Minerals
    + No Sugar (Dextrose) or Fillers

    + Encourages Horses to Drink

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    (12 Previews)