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    **Pre-Order Now– Approx. Ship Date: May 2020**
    Fully fortified USDA Organic, low-calorie ration balancer

    Organic Balancer Plus is a USDA certified organic, soy-free and GMO-free alternative to conventional ration balancers for horses and ponies of all types and lifestages. Unlike many other non-GMO or organic feeds, Organic Balance Plus is fortified to ensure that no nutritional deficiencies exist. By combining superior natural ingredients with the best of science, Organic Balancer Plus ensures that your horse is fed the cleanest ingredients and receives all the nutrients he needs for optimum health and performance.

    + Low Feeding Rate
    + Low Starch And Sugar
    + Organic Trace Minerals
    + Pesticide-Free
    + No Additives
    + Soy-Free

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    **Pre-Order Now– Approx. Ship Date: May 2020**

    Not just GMO-free but certified USDA organic, Performance Plus provides a unique combination of natural ingredients fortified with the best of science. Combining high-quality clean ingredients with unique non-soy protein sources and fats, Performance Plus is a well-rounded feed that provides moderate starch and fat to fuel today’s performance horse. Fortified with research-proven bioavailable trace minerals and prebiotics, feeding Performance Plus not only protects your horse from the potential risks of pesticide and medication contamination but also ensures a balanced diet that promotes gut health and overall well-being.

    + Moderate Fat
    + Organic Trace Minerals
    + Research Proven Yeast Culture
    + Pesticide-Free
    + No Additives
    + Soy-Free