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    DAPPLE UP® botanical shampoo is produced in small batches and uses a proprietary blend of purified water, a plant derived surfactant (bubbles), aloe vera, and essential plant oils!!  It will gently clean and condition without stripping your horse’s coat while leaving it shiny and healthy.

    Lemongrass Essential Oil is a natural anti-fungal bug repellent. Peppermint Essential Oil has anti-bacterial properties as well as a natural coolant. Great for sore muscles and bug deterrent!

    Free of:
    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
    • Silicone
    • Parabens
    • Dyes
    • Artificial Fragrances

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    Shampoo PLUS Conditioner is a vitamin-enriched, deep-cleaning and conditioning shampoo unique among equine shampoos. Enviro Equine’s exclusive formula contains high-lathering cleansing agents and is fortified with moisturizers, emollients, and vitamins. In addition, Shampoo Plus is enriched with camelina oil, lemongrass, and aloe vera.

    This wholesome plant-based extract, with its essential omega fatty acids and natural vitamin E, provides numerous benefits to the coat and skin. It nourishes the hair shaft from root to tip and hydrates the skin. The tocopherols in camelina oil also protect the coat from sun damage, helping maintain that brilliant shine all through the year. You will feel and see the beautifully soft, glossy difference!

    Our Enriched Shampoo is completely cruelty- free, never tested on animals and uses only the highest quality ingredients.

    + Deep Cleans
    + Hydrates Skin
    + Conditions Coat
    + Tearless
    + Camelina Oil
    + Essential Oils
    + Aloe Vera

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    EnviroEquine Mane and Tail Conditioner’s rich formula provides long- lasting protection to your horse’s mane and tail. Silk proteins penetrate the hair shaft, adding strength and shine to each strand of hair and helping to reduce breakage and generate volume. The blend of essential oils, coconut oils and camelina oils protects against environmental damage and restores moisture. Coconut oil is a rich source of Lauric acid, which is able to penetrate the hair shaft and has an affinity for the protein within hair. In research, coconut oil has been shown to help reduce damage to hair caused by combing. With the hydrating properties of oils combined with those of Aloe Vera, our Mane and Tail Conditioner locks in moisture and leaves hair with amazing shine, while improving hair elasticity and manageability.

    Mane and Tail Conditioner is completely cruelty- free, never tested on animals and uses only the highest quality ingredients.

    + Deep conditioning
    + Protects hair
    + Radiant shine
    + Silk Proteins
    + Camelina Oil
    + Aloe Vera

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    The perfect solution for last minute touch-ups and cold weather grooming!

    EnviroEquine Stain Away Spray is perfect for cold weather grooming or those times when water is in short supply. It is formulated to be tough on grass, urine, manure and dirt, but gentle on skin. Stain Away dissolves unwanted stable stains with a quick spray and rub with a cloth. No water needed. Stain Away Spray uses a blend of essential oils to dissolve troublesome stable stains in seconds. The refreshing smells of peppermint and spearmint deodorize, while the lemongrass naturally cleanses the coat and chamomile oil protects the hair from environmental damage. The proven antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil help protect against the bacteria that may be lurking within stains. This ready-to-use spray is the perfect solution for last minute touch-ups and cold weather grooming. The preferred choice of leading grooms for emergency stain removal.

    Stain Away Spray is completely cruelty- free, never tested on animals and uses only the highest quality ingredients.

    • Removes stains
    • Waterless
    • Non-greasy formula
    • Breaks down dirt
    • Dissolves manure
    • Essential Oils
    • Aloe Vera
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    The best all natural Detangler & Coat Conditioner for your horse.

    EnviroEquine Detangler and Shine Spray’s combination of silk proteins and anti-static agents removes knots and mats with ease while preventing split ends. Chamomile essential oil helps protect the hair from environmental damage, and coconut and camelina oils ensure amazing shine. Penetrating the hair shaft to restore moisture, our Detangler and Shine Spray fortifies and conditions the mane and tail to keep them manageable for grooming and braiding. Loved by some of the best professional grooms in the industry.

    Shine Spray & Detangler is completely cruelty-free, never tested on animals and uses only the highest quality ingredients.

    • Less breakage
    • Silk Proteins
    • Essential Oils
    • Aloe Vera

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    The best all natural color intensifier for your horse!

    The amazing sudsing action of EnviroEquine’s Brightening Shampoo works to lift away stains and dirt from your horse’s coat. The spearmint, peppermint and lemongrass essential oils combine to remove dulling residues from the coat, while at the same time fortifying the hair strands.

    Our brightening shampoo contains aloe that soothes skin while gently exfoliating dead skin cells that dull the coat. The unique blend of coconut oil and wheat protein fortifies the hair shaft, creating a smoothness that intensifies shine. Wheat protein adds volume and fortifies the hair cells with protein, while the lauric acid in coconut oil helps reduce protein loss. This easy-rinse formula allows the natural brilliance of the coat to shine through, while optical brighteners magnify the effect for a dazzling end result. Our brightening formula banishes even the most stubborn stable stains, leaving you Show Ring Ready in minutes. Loved by some of the best professional grooms in the industry.

    Show Ring Ready Shampoo is completely cruelty-free, never tested on animals and uses only the highest quality ingredients.

    • Color intensifying
    • Exfoliating
    • Moisturizing
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    Natural insect deterrent – long lasting and nourishing!

    EnviroEquine Fly Spray Plus has been specifically formulated to be safe and effective in protecting your horse from insects with a unique blend of essential oils and natural surfactants in a pH balanced solution.

    We carefully select the sources of all of our ingredients in all of our products to offer only the best quality. Our long-lasting, all-natural spray is safe for use on all your horses and pets.

    This gentle formula also will not cause scurf if used frequently. Effective up to 8 hours.

    + No Silicone
    + No Pyrethrins
    + No Permethrins
    + Insect Deterrent

    + Coat Polish
    + Skin Conditioner

    Cruelty Free, All Natural, Organic, Holistic. No active ingredients.

  • $24.95

    Wound healing, and treatment for dry skin, rubs, insect bites and sunburn!

    Equine SeaBuck+ Healing Balm is an easy-to-apply treatment for common skin ailments for horses.  With four proven skin-healing ingredients, the soothing nature of the Equine SeaBuck+ Healing Balm makes it a great choice not only for healing wounds, but also for treating dry skin, rubs, insect bites and sunburn.

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    Enviro Equine CocoTea Hoof Therapy is made with the purest natural ingredients, including coconut, camelina, tea tree and lavender oils. It effectively aids in alleviating scaly, dry/brittle hooves, thrush, white line disease, seedy toe, and abscesses. Encourages healthy hoof growth. Great to pour under hoof pads to maintain more sanitary conditions.

    + Natural Antifungal
    + Maintains Hoof Elasticity
    + Encourages Hoof Growth
    + Suppresses Anaerobic Bacteria

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    Equine CocoTea Salve


    Help Alleviate HOOF, HAIR, AND SKIN issues… Naturally

    EnviroEquine CocoTea Salve has been formulated to combine the natural healing properties of coconut, tea tree, and rosemary oils to combat a variety of hoof and skin ailments and promote healthy hair growth. This soothing formula will never burn or blister the skin, and is safe to use under bandages.


    Dermatitis, scratches, ringworm, rain rot, dew poisoning, tail scratching, sunburn, itchy/irritated skin, minor scrapes, thrush, white line disease.

    Encourages healthy hair growth and moisturizes skin.


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