Uwe Roeschmann / Roeschmann Cutting Horses


Uwe Roeschmann has been successfully training cutting horses for over 35 years, producing the highest quality horses. Uwe has won multiple AQHA & NCHA European Championships and DQHA & NCHA Championships, in addition to producing several AQHA Cutting Superior Champions. He is a multi AQHA World Show Top Ten and Finalist, APHcA Futurity Reserve Champion, and APHA multi World Champion 2018 and 2019. Uwe focuses his training methods on classical riding principles, highlighting all-around knowledge of his horses. His training is known for his ability to help horses develop the correct muscles and become balanced.

Uwe also served as an international NCHA judge before moving to the United States in 2001. Once in the U.S., Uwe focused his efforts on training cutting horses, selecting cutting prospects, coaching Amateur and Non Pro clients and building successful breeding programs for his international customers. He has impressively trained a number of horses for his clients, with his Amateur and Non Pro customers having won more than $2 million on horses he trained. Currently, Uwe can be found promoting the sport of cutting around the world, always focusing on horsemanship. He is known for his workshops both in the United States and in Europe, as well as attending major international Equine Fairs with his show demonstration program.


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