Pro Fit Equine / Lorenzo Lotti

Pro Fit Equine was created by Lorenzo Lotti to bring a new level of professionalism to the world of horse fitting. Lorenzo operates under the philosophy that every horse is a unique individual that requires specialized care, just as any athlete would. With Lorenzo at the helm, Pro Fit Equine focuses on creating individualized programs that are designed to achieve superior results for all horses safely and efficiently. Along with creating high-quality diets for horses, Pro Fit Equine also utilizes a custom workout program for each horse that ensures success in the sales ring.

Lorenzo and the team at Pro Fit Equine believe in incorporating proper nutrition into their program for all horses with the highest quality feed and supplements, matching the philosophy of Enviro Equine & PET. At Enviro Equine & PET, the health and wellbeing of the horses is the top priority, making the partnership with Pro Fit Equine a perfect match.


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