Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison began riding at the young age of five in Sebago, Maine. She quickly developed a love for dressage and trained under Tanya Rennie. Ashley attended college at Johnson & Wales University, while also dedicating her time as a working student for Olympian Tina Konyot. While there, Ashley had her first experiences riding FEI horses. She then went on to work for Scott and Susanne Hassler at Hilltop Farm in Mayland before traveling to Wellington with a working student position under Olympian Courtney King-Dye.

Thanks to her time working with the top in the sport, Ashley soon became a successful trainer in her own right, in addition to producing top results with her own mounts, including earning her USDF Gold Medal with her own Lugano. Ashley specializes in producing young horses and developing them through Grand Prix. Ashley has notably competed at the FEI levels in multiple Regional Championships, in the USDF Four Year Old Division and Dressage at Devon. In 2017, Ashley was selectively chosen as a rider for one of Carl Hester’s two US symposiums with her own Lugano. The next year, Ashley was chosen as one of only five athletes to ride with Charlotte Dujardin on a 4-year-old training horse. Outside of her own riding, Ashley has developed a loyal following of students that have all progressed in their training, riding everything from newly-backed young horses and eventers to FEI horses. She currently operates Yellow Wood Dressage out of Chesapeake City, Maryland.


Enviro Equine has been an important part of my life for the past four years. I had been searching for a supplement that supported my sensitive Grand Prix horse Lugano’s nutrition as well as complied with his significant list of allergens. I wanted something that supported his whole-body health as a competing Grand Prix horse as well as to combat his sensitive skin and inflammatory/allergic state his body seemed to be living in. Enviro Equine was my answer. I have had Gani on ElectroBalance and OmegaBalance for the last four years and can not describe the absolute bloom in his health. I am proud to say he is now 19 years young and still going strong in top condition! The products from Enviro Equine have allowed him to live grain-free for the last four years and have helped him stay fit and active in excellent health into his golden years. People don’t believe me when they find out he is nineteen! He has none of the skin/allergy issues he was having in the past, and there is no question in my mind that his incredible condition and overall health is a direct result of his nutrition from Enviro Equine.

In May of this year, I began the quest to find a high-quality feed that was as natural as possible for our horses. My criteria included that it was corn and soy-free, certified organic, provided great nutrition, was easily available and used only non-GMO ingredients. After researching some of the main ingredients in many popular commercially available feeds, I was determined to find something that met my criteria and was in line with my beliefs about how we should be feeding our horses.

After much research, I was left underwhelmed with my options. I reached out to Enviro Equine for help. They came to the rescue once again and hooked me up with their Enviro Equine Performance Feed. All of our horses at Yellow Wood Dressage are now happily eating Enviro Equine’s feed and Enviro Equine has made it possible for all horses at Yellow Wood Dressage to have their excellent flax-based supplement EveryDayBalance as part of their base diets. We worked closely with Dr. Clair Thunes to develop the base diet for all of our horses based on their work levels, ages and body condition. I have felt very supported through any questions we have had as we have made this transition. I also have appreciated the ability to discuss diets for some of our more challenging horses with a nutritionist who is easy to communicate with, passionate and has a wealth of knowledge. With her guidance, we have come up with a program where all horses are thriving and the results speak for themselves. After a few short months on this program, our horses look amazing with glossy coats, healthy hooves, happy tummies and plenty of energy for doing their jobs in the dressage arena. I could not be happier with the quality of these products and it feels so good to be feeding our horses ingredients I know are wholesome, non-processed, and packed with nutrition. I love how you can feed as much or as little of the feed as needed to tailor a program for each horse’s requirements and still have the balanced vitamins and minerals provided by the EveryDayBalance.

In addition to the nutritional support, I absolutely LOVE the grooming products available from Enviro Equine. The fly spray is a staple in our barn and works better than any bottle of pesticides I have ever used. The Show Ring Ready Shampoo, as well as the Shine Spray, are our go-to products when it is necessary for our horses to look their best and are also excellent and practical for everyday use to keep our horses looking fabulous! I love that the products are gentle and safe for the horses to use every day but also provide that show-ring ready look when its time to shine!

With visible and tangible results in our horses, these products are easy to love. It is so satisfying to walk through our barn and see our horses exuding health and know we are feeding and supporting them with only the best. Enviro Equine’s products are not the only reason I am a fan. The company’s vision and commitment to providing the very best and pure ingredients to approach nutrition in a holistic way are so in line with my own beliefs. The way the company is run from the bottom up is impressive, and I know as a consumer that I can always reach someone who will be able to provide guidance and information that will help me through any challenging case. I am proud to be sponsored by a company who is committed to excellence and is at the forefront of developing and providing access to quality natural products for our horses.

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