New Formulas: BETA NOPS Tested 

We love launching new formulas at EnviroEquine & Pet to help our customers ’ horses reach their full potential by ensuring they are nutritionally equipped to perform and produce offspring at their best. There are endless options for equine supplements on the market. How does one begin to decipher which of them is best for your horse? 

We might be biased but we feel like we go above and beyond to provide our customers with the best and safest supplements possible. Our latest formulas: BeCalm, Joint+, Hoof+, ReLyte, EquiBalance, and FormRyte come from a BETA NOPS-tested manufacturing partner. 


What are NOPS? 

You may be acquainted with prohibited substances on your show circuits. A prohibited substance includes anything that can impact a horse’s behavior, performance, etc. NOPS stands for Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances, in other words, those that come from plants. What does this mean in terms of your equine supplements? There is always a possibility that the raw ingredients used to make your products could make what your horse consumed contaminated with NOPS. 


You are probably thinking. Okay, so what on earth could impact my horse that could be in his/her supplements? 

It’s not just supplements, don’t forget the recent viral positive drug test where a horse tested positive due to eating human food/candy as a treat. NOPS are substances that could affect your horse’s: Immune system, reproductive behavior, respiratory system, Cardiovascular system, nervous system, digestive system etc. Your drug tests at horse shows will detect NOPS present in their urine. It’s not uncommon for supplements and feeds to be contaminated by accidental interactions during manufacturing. This is where NOPS testing becomes vital. 

Some of those possible substances that can cause positive drug tests include: 

Caffeine (Cacao) 

Theobromine (Cacao) 

Thoephylline (Tea) 

Morphine (Opium Poppy) 

Hysoscine (Nightshade) 

Atropine (Nightshade) 

Cannabinoids (Hemp Fibre and plant Material) 

NOPS contamination can happen at any stage of production… 

Contamination can occur anywhere. Accidental inclusion of an ingredient during formulation. Or it could be that the plants used in the formula were contaminated with weeds containing NOPS. There is also accidental contamination that occurs when sharing equipment, water, shipping, etc. 

So how does Enviro Equine & Pet ensure to reduce the risk of NOPS contamination as much as possible? 

Our manufacturing partner of the recently released products named above has ongoing testing under the BETA NOPS code. BETA NOPS is the British Equestrian Trade Association. This code was developed in 2009 to help reduce the risk of NOPS in equine feeds and supplements and help keep equine sports as safe as possible. BETA Nops has the respect of horsemen globally. Companies that utilize the NOPS CODE have a wide range of pre-qualifying Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). Once approved owners, breeders, and trainers can rest assured that horse feeds and supplements produced in these approved facilities have strict quality management and testing in place. 

NOPS Testing is another layer of attention to detail for our clients and their horses at EnviroEquine & Pet. 

We hope that adding this formulation code will help our customers understand the standards we have for our products and your horses. It is our goal to produce the highest quality supplements possible that are effective, safe, and utilize research-driven ingredients from trusted producers.