All natural horse hemp bedding for more comfort and a healthier barn environment

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Aligning with our foundation of naturally-based products, Enviro Equine & PET offers a line of equine hemp bedding to keep your horses more comfortable and healthier. Chemical-free and biodegradable, hemp bedding produces much less dust than pine pellets and wood shavings, which is perfect for horses and owners with respiratory and allergy problems. Additionally, hemp is more comfortable and softer, so horses are more likely to lay down and achieve full sleep cycles, and it traps odors associated with ammonia smells in horse stalls or anywhere pets produce pesky odors. Luckily for you stall muckers, hemp absorbs four times its weight, meaning you can spend less time cleaning as well as less time and money cleaning up after your animals.

+ For Horses with Allergies
+ Supports Respiratory Ailments
+ 100% Biodegradable
+ Highly Absorbent
+ Virtually Dust Free

+ Controls Flies & Parasites

EnviroEquine Horse Bedding is best ordered by the pallet or full truckload for the greatest savings and cost efficiency. One Stall will require approximately 2 pallets of EnviroEquine Horse Bedding per year (usage will always depend on the horse, as well as your own preferences).

Bales per Pallet: 21 (924 lbs. per pallet, 44 lb. bales)

Shipping costs continually improve with volume, and have a significant effect on your total delivered cost.

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