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BLOG POST: Equine Nutrition & Biosecurity

When it comes to biosecurity your horse’s health and immune system depend on optimal nutrition.

Role of Nutrition in Biosecurity & Health

A horse in excellent nutritional status will have an optimized immune system to help ward off disease

  • Compared to a horse that might be missing key nutritional elements that play a role in immune and inflammatory function
  • Feeding management plays a vital role in a horse’s day-to-day well-being – and disruptions to diet, feeding schedule, etc. – can contribute to a horse’s stress, and potentially affect their ability to fight disease.
  • Keeping feed safe and secure, as well as having ample supplies will help horses and their people endure an outbreak

Nutrition for Health

Horses should have balanced diets, meeting all of the nutritional needs for water, calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals, as well as good sources of fiber, fats, and other carbohydrates

  • Work with an Equine Nutritionist to ensure your horse’s diet meets his needs
  • Ideally find someone with a PhD in EQUINE nutrition
  • Deficiencies in any key nutrient will contribute to your horse not being able to fight off disease or recover from disease if exposed

Some nutrients play an enhanced role in immune function. You may consider supplementing these with a little higher than their base requirements.

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