For every 100 horses, the National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) survey predicts that there will be 4.2 colic events per year, with 11percent of those being fatal. Horses with a history of colic appear to be at greater risk of repeat bouts. With the expense associated with treating colic and the potential for a fatal outcome, we know that veterinarians and owners alike are keen to take steps to mitigate the risk and prevent colic from occurring.

EnviroEquine and iFEED have created EquiCareRx™, a strategic partnership that brings veterinarians and owners proven solutions to equine wellness challenges. Our partnership with iFEED Technology provides a combination of products shown to combat the risk factors associated with equine colic and gastric ulcers. The program supports the health of the entire equine gastrointestinal tract and includes a research-proven iFEED automatic feeder combined with the supplements Ulcer+, EveryDayBalance and ElectroBalance, all containing ingredients shown in research to support digestive health.

Colic has a number of risk factors, which include stall confinement, fasting between large meals, gastric ulcers, improper digestion, dehydration and changes in type and quality of feed. Dietary management is universally considered to be a key component in reducing risk factors associated with the condition, and together the EquiCareRx™ digestive health products attack each of these risk factors head on.

EquiCareRx™ combats colic risk factors head-on.

Fasting between large meals: iFEED’s patented and research-proven automatic feeder mimics nature by delivering feed in many small portions. Whether hay pellets or performance feeds, iFEED insures meals occur frequently. This results in more constant chewing and saliva production, a reduction in small intestine overload, and improved feed digestibility.

Gastric Ulcers: Gastric ulcers are associated with an increased risk of colic. In a study atColorado State, using iFEED to provide performance feed to young horses in training was shown to significantly reduce the risk of gastric ulcers compared to control horses fed grain twice a day. The Sea Buckthorn in Ulcer+ helps maintain the stomach lining against oxidative damage and supports tissue repair. Clinical research in horses shows that when compared to un-supplemented controls, Sea Buckthorn berries promote healthy glandular stomach lining when horses are faced with a feed deprivation challenge, reducing the number and severity of gastric ulcers. Both EveryDayBalance and ElectroBalance provide sources of ZinPro zinc methionine. Zinc is known to improve gastric mucosal integrity in horses, and a recent study showed that feeding this form of zinc lowered squamous ulcer scores during a period of feed deprivation. 

Improper digestion: Improper digestion of meals can lead to gas and impaction colics and should be avoided. Use of iFEED insures small meals that are typically digested more fully, and the prebiotic yeast in EveryDayBalance is known to raise cecal pH, creating an environment more favorable for fiber digestion and thus improving feed utilization and potentially lowering impaction risk. In other species, the bentonite clay in ElectroBalance is known to increase villus length in the small intestine, improving nutrient absorption.

Dehydration: Reduced water intake and the use of dry feeds increases the risk of impaction colic.  ElectroBalance, with its concentrated levels of sodium and chloride, encourages water consumption

Changes in feed type and quality: Performance horses routinely face changes in forage with differing levels of digestibility and overall quality. Mycotoxins exist in all feeds and, while acute poisoning is rare, chronic poisoning does occur and the symptoms are often overlooked as being caused by something else. Symptoms include reduced appetite, colic-like symptoms, decreased feed utilization, digestive disturbance, weight loss, liver damage, immune suppression and compromised health. The prebiotics and mycotoxin binders in EveryDayBalance are research-proven to support feed utilization and remove mycotoxins from the digestive tract, thus ensuring that they do not enter the bloodstream. EquiCareRx™ provides you with a coordinated program of research-proven tools to reduce the risk factors associated with equine colic and gastric ulcers.