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Equine-Bright™ technology is the first lighting that addresses the combined visual requirements of the horse and rider. It is also a major safety factor that can prevent accidents and avoid stress. Until the development of Equine-Bright™, facility managers, trainers, and riders were forced to compromise on light quality with generic fixtures like metal halide, halogen, high pressure sodium, and LEDs. None of these fixtures specifically address the unique nature of equine vision within the context of human interactions. Moreover, a lack of understanding about how horses visualize the world has led to poor design decisions for stables, barns, and competition venues including race tracks.

When we glance at a high intensity light like an LED and get lingering dots in our vision we say to ourselves, “Oh, I just looked directly at an LED… the dots will go away soon.” When a horse does the same thing, the reaction is fear and stress over the temporary visual impairment. This is only one of the many reasons we developed Equine-Bright™ with our exclusive BRIGHT-TECH® system. Horses have highly unique vision that is particularly well suited for low light levels. The biological emphasis upon rods within the retina gives horses the ability to distinguish objects at dusk and in the dark. This sensitivity makes horses susceptible to being startled and disturbed by extremely bright light. This is why recent use of LED lighting in equine settings has proven problematic, causing nervous reactions among horses from excessive glare.

Although LED is the most popular new lighting for energy efficiency, it displays the greatest propensity for flicker. Their high frequency flicker is associated with major human health issues that include strobe epilepsy, migraine headaches, nausea, impaired visual acuity, poor concentration, sleep disorders, mood swings, eye strain, and a lack of eye/hand coordination. There is no reason to believe horses do not suffer from the same consequences. Our lighting solutions deliver the light horses need for maximum visual acuity without disturbing glare like LEDs and conventional high intensity lighting.


Sensational for indoor equestrian areas, the Equine-Bright™ 300-Watt high bay fixture specifically tuned to maximize visual acuity and comfort for horses. The unique full spectrum full diffusion lamp is capable of replacing 200-watt to 1,000-watt metal halide and fluorescent lighting for energy savings of up to 85%. Reduce in-rush current up to 95%. Unique VARIBEAM® reflector geometry nano-particle coating allows changing the focal length to provide even distribution without hot-spots or voids. Solid encapsulated mercury is environmentally friendly and safe. No special handling required. No hazardous material disposal.


The Equine-Bright™ design rapidly diffuses and disperses light from the fixture to drop the perceived and dynamic intensity at the light source. Unlike an LED that may be comprised of many extremely intense diodes, the large format bulb spreads the intensity over a wider area. Workers, riders, and horses can directly view an Equine-Bright™ fixture safely and without discomfort. Equally important, a horse can turn its head 180 degrees through the light field without becoming startled or apprehensive. This means a horse can move from monocular to binocular vision without encountering sudden lighting intensity.


While harmful ultraviolet (UV) light is truncated, some Equine-Bright™ lamps can be ordered that emit small amounts of energy in the UV range to inhibit bacterial growth, fungi, and viruses. This can be very helpful for disease control along with standard sanitization procedures. The 207nm wavelength is not harmful to humans or animals, but is destructive to pathogens. Ultraviolet light is split into several different ranges: (near the visible light range) UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, Vacuum-UV (near the x-ray range). The UV light will break molecular bonds in the DNA of viruses and bacteria, rendering them unable to reproduce and effectively killing them.


The eyes of ungulates like horses, are unique because they use a reflective membrane called the taptum lucidum that intensifies low light levels. When designing an artificial light for these species, it is critical to avoid high directional intensities from a light source like LED elements. This can actually damage the retina. An LED’s high glare is inherently uncomfortable and stressful for these animals. Ultra-Tech™ Lighting has designed a set of industrial water resistant fixtures specifically for horses within indoor environments.


Introducing a totally unique lighting technology to help bring mares into ovulation through seasonal perception modification. All-new Equine-Bright™ breeding lights use a targeted high-intensity spectrum that emphasizes wavelengths known to alter the reproductive cycle for horses.

Equine-Bright™ breeding technology is the first lighting using the known science of seasonal perception modification for horses, concentrating intensities in wavelengths that influence luteinizing hormone production to stimulate ovulation.


For the first time, race tracks and equestrian competition venues can provide exceptional lighting for both horse and rider. Standard lighting usually consists of 1,000-watt to 1,500-watt metal halide fixtures mounted on high poles or a cantilevered roof. As the horse and rider move from light pole to pole, the intensity within the visual field changes. This causes the eye to constantly adjust. The bright-to-dark cycle can even have a hypnotic effect. Using Equine-Bright™ technology, indoor training areas can be properly illuminated to substantially increase safety and comfort.

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