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Take charge of your horse’s health – consult with EnviroEquine’s Nutritionist!

Do you ever look at all the things you feed your horse and wonder whether they are all doing what they claim they do? Do you ever wonder why you feed so many supplements or whether they are even necessary? What about your horse’s feed? Are you feeding the right kind of forage? Is your grain providing calories from the correct ingredients for the type of work your horse does?

Finding answers to these questions can be difficult. A feed company representative may visit your barn and help you to determine which of their feeds is the best fit for the horses in your care, but they will rarely look at the supplements you are feeding. Similarly, the representative from a supplement company may do the same for their supplements without considering your feed. But your horse’s diet probably contains both, as well as a lot of forage. Unless you take all these pieces into account, you cannot know whether your nutritional program is meeting your horse’s needs, and whether or not you have chosen the correct products.

You also have to take into account each horse’s work level, temperament, current age, body weight and condition, as well as health history and the climate where the horse lives.

Here at Enviro Equine, we understand the importance of a balanced diet. We strive to ensure that the products we recommend complement your entire nutritional program. Our equine nutritionist, Dr. Clair Thunes, Ph.D., will build a program tailored to the individual needs of your horse. All of the above considerations will be taken into account as you discuss your feeding program personally with Dr. Thunes.

Before-And-After Success Stories

BEFORE Dom - Jessica Bortner-Harris

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