EquiJet Partners with Enviro Equine & PET to Offer Unparalleled Travel Support

Travel can be hard on your horse, which is why Enviro Equine & PET has partnered with esteemed equestrian transportation provider, EquiJet! This new and innovative partnership will provide an unprecedented experience for traveling horses of all shapes, sizes and disciplines, wherever they may be going. No other equine companies offering this level of complete equine care! As lifelong horsemen themselves, EquiJet is the perfect company to align with Enviro Equine & PET. Horses traveling with EquiJet will now receive bags of Enviro Equine products, including the crowd favorite ElectroBalance paste, to help make sure that their horses travel as low stress and healthy as possible.

Transportation is shown to be stress-inducing for a variety of reasons, but providing excessive electrolytes during time of transport could have a negative impact. Enviro Equine & PET‘s carefully crafted ElectroBalance paste is perfectly formulated to offer horses the appropriate amount of electrolytes before and after travel. The paste provides proper levels of sodium, chloride and potassium to support healthy gastrointestinal tissue by acting to buffer stomach acid and coat the stomach lining. Horses shipped with EquiJet will have free access to the ElectroBalance paste and other products to ensure a healthy and happy horse upon arrival. What more could you ask for?

Recommended products for your horse while traveling and in quarantine

EquiJet specializes in shipping your horse domestic or internationally to arrive in top condition to horse shows, race tracks, polo tournaments or breeding farms. Our services includes airport pickup and delivery, handling additional equipment, all necessary paperwork, customs and any quarantine needed.

The partners of EquiJet have been well established in the competitive horse world for more than 20 years and have been in the import and export business for more than 15 years. With lifetime passions for riding, training and taking care of horses, our expertise and knowledge of the nuances of equine travel are unparalleled in the business.