Daniel Bluman © Four Oaks Creative

If you follow the show jumping scene, you are most likely not only familiar with the name Daniel Bluman but also Bluman Equestrian. As a family, the Bluman’s have made their mark both stateside and worldwide through their own efforts and those stemming from their successful client business. With any business, to be successful, you have to think about the bottom line. But added in the equestrian industry, you also have to think about what is best for the clients and the horses they entrust in your care. For Daniel and Bluman Equestrian, skimping on high-quality care is not an option. Still, when you can get high quality AND benefit your bottom line, you really knock it out of the park, and that is precisely what they found when they made the switch to EnviroBed for their horses. 


“EnviroBed is great! I like to have very thick bedding [for the horses]. I think it is important for them to lay down. So, I started with ten bags [of EnviroBed], and then I just add one bag every week. With that, you upkeep the thickness of the bedding, and it’s clean, never moist or humid, and it’s just really good.”  – Daniel Bluman

On top of EnviroBed being chemical-free, virtually dust-free, and naturally antibacterial, due to it absorbing four times its weight and being biodegradable, it offers an added cost-benefit. Unlike the typical shavings you may find in a barn, EnviroBed calls for daily picking of the manure and removal of wet bedding ONLY when the bedding turns red. This method allows for very little bedding to be removed through daily stall maintenance, leading to adding just one bag of Envirobed weekly. Additionally, with the bedding’s biodegradable feature, the little bedding that is removed throughout the week decomposes quickly, leading to less cost for manure removal. 


“Manure removal is so expensive. [Using EnviroBed] has helped significantly with cutting our manure removal cost by half. And in many places where you have enough land, you can just dump the manure on the grass because it’s actually a great fertilizer, and it [decomposes] really quickly.” – Daniel Bluman 


The team at Bluman Equestrian recommends that if you are on the fence about switching to EnviroBed, do it. 


“It’s eco-friendly, it’s cost-effective, it’s really everything you are looking for, and it’s great for the horses. So really, I can’t find a reason not to do it.” – Daniel Bluman 


EnviroEquines wishes Daniel, his family, and all of their clients the best of luck during their 2021 show season. We are so proud to support such a reputable business and look forward to our continued partnership!

EnviroEquine is the market leader in hemp bedding for horses and is known for its product quality and consistency.

  1. It is notably lighter in color than other sources of hemp bedding, signifying its mold free status.
  2. Dust is extracted during production to ensure that it is virtually dust-free
  3. Particles are measured for consistent granulometry.
  4. This is cost-effective, low-waste, highly-compostable bedding is an excellent tool in managing equine respiratory health.