Since moving stateside in 2012, International rider and Trainer Vasco Flores from San Juan, Puerto Rico, has acquired a very impressive resume. From being part of the incredible team at Gotham Enterprises to representing Puerto Rico in the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games, Vasco made a name for himself rather quickly. Deciding to branch out on his own in 2019, he started Highport Stables, a full-service Show Jumping stable focusing on sales, scouting, and training of top-level horses and riders. 

With a new business comes new responsibility, especially when that includes managing client horses’ health and success in addition to your own. When asked what fuels his passion for the sport, Vasco said, “the love for the horses,” something we all hear often, but for Vasco, that is indeed the base from which all business decisions are made. 

“At Highport, we focus on quality. We try to be a smaller [operation] allowing us to emphasize the details, so we do the same thing when we decide what products to use inside the barn,” says Flores, which is what led the Highport team to partner up with Enviro Equine this past October. “What we loved most about the Enviro Equine products is the fact that they are organic, and every product they sell contains minimal ingredients. All of our horses love the feed, and as an international rider, it is essential to note that all of their products are FEI approved.”

Seven-year-old Eliza arrived as a picky eater, but since switching over to Enviro Equine Feed & Supplements, is loving her feed and her eating habits have majorly improved.

“We are using the Organic Performance and Organic Balancer feed, and for supplements, we use GastroBalance Plus, PlusVital Flex Supp, ElectroBalance, EverydayBalance, OmegaBalance Oil, and Daily Amino,” says Flores. “Since starting our horses on Enviro Equine, we have seen an improvement in their overall behavior and performance, not to mention, all of their coats are looking great.” 

Moving into a new season, Vasco is looking forward to growing and learning both individually and with his business, which adds to his excitement about partnering with Enviro Equine.

 “The timing of partnering up with Enviro Equine is fantastic. We are both young and upcoming businesses that are striving to dominate in our space. I am excited to work with a company that I can relate with in both work ethic and values.” 

– Vasco Flores

We are looking forward to watching team HPS and Vasco’s continued success both inside and outside the ring!