Taylor Land and Get Go

By: Kady Abrahamson

Enviro Equine team member Kady Abrahamson sat down with Enviro Equine brand ambassador Taylor Land on “A Day in the Life of Taylor Land”. 

Taylor Land has only been a brand ambassador for a few short weeks, but using Enviro Equine products for far longer. From using the all-natural supplements and grooming supplies, feeding our USDA Certified Organic Feeds, to keeping her top horses on our exclusive Hemp Bedding; Taylor Land of Pinetree Farms/Team Land is the full EE package! 

A typical day for Taylor depends on what her goals are for that particular day. “I try plan ahead for each horse. Basically I get to the barn at 8am and ride 8 horses a day. I really like to do a lot of fitness work on the hills and I spend a lot of time in between the shows doing  a lot of cross-training with the horses” said Taylor. From hill work, gymnastics, pole work, to jump schooling a week or two before the show, Team Land’s horses are in tip top shape. “By doing a lot of work out on the hills and trail riding them, I believe those are the best ways to keep them really fit without boring them in the arena.” 

Kady and Taylor have been working together in forming the ideal program for her horses. The first stop was Enviro Equine’s USDA Certified Organic Feed. “I really love the feed so far. I am using the Organic Balancer Plus for all of my horses right now because all of my horses are high in energy and since they are just now starting back showing again, I wanted them on a lower dose of grain.” What really sold Taylor on the feed is the fact that there are no sugars in them and every ingredient helps the horse meet their daily requirements without adding a million different supplements. “I believe by feeding this feed it keeps them nicely balanced in their temperament and has really improved their overall appearances.” Taylor will be starting some of her high-performance horses on the Organic Performance Plus feed when they are fully back in the swing of things. “ I also feed the Everyday Balance to my retired horses and young horses and I have already seen a huge improvement in their feet and coats without having to give them large amounts of calories while being outside all of the time.” 

Taylor making her grain with EE’s USDA Certified Organic Feed and all natural supplements

The next step to forming an ideal program for Taylor and her horses was the custom nutrition  program that caters to each and every one of her horses. “The amazing thing about Enviro Equine is that they have so many products that are versatile for any horse. I have every horse on the ElectroBalance, OmegaBalance, and GastroBalance PLUS. These three products are amazing as the ElectroBalance does not only work as an electrolyte, but also helps coat the stomach as well so you get more bang for your buck. The OmegaBalance has been amazing for my horses coats, feet, helping maintain allergies, etc. It’s an amazing oil supplement that has really helped my horses overall health. The GastroBalance PLUS is the gastric supplement I chose for my horses to be on and I have really noticed a huge difference in their gut health since being on it. The great thing about this product is that it also comes in a paste form that works great for any horse that needs a gastric paste without it being overly expensive like some other gastric pastes can be!” 

Not only did Taylor pick out core supplements for her horses to be on to keep her program simple, she also was able to customize some of her horses nutrition programs depending on their needs. The product she spoke a lot about was the Chill Rx, a calming supplement that has worked wonders on so many different types of horses. “I have a mare who is on the extreme side of the hot scale. I noticed a huge difference in her after just two days of using the Chill Rx product! The day after I started her on it she went through a bounce so quietly when she usually would try to blast through it. I thought this was a fluke so I took her through the bounce again the next day and she was quiet again! I have used a lot of calming products and I honestly don’t even believe in them because none of them have worked, but the Chill Rx really does work and is safe to show on in all arenas.” 

The Hemp Bedding was the first product Team Land tried due to one of their grand prix horses having an allergy to regular shavings. They noticed him coughing a lot whenever he was on shavings, so they tried him on the Hemp Bedding and never looked back! “As soon as I started my horse Grumbles on the Hemp Bedding from Enviro Equine, I noticed his health really improve. We originally started using another brand of Hemp Bedding and I noticed it being a bit dirty and not working as well as I had hoped. I then started him on the Hemp Bedding from EE and found it to be far superior. It’s completely dust-free, so absorbent and has really improved Grumbles health as well as the health of my other horses.” 

Taylor adding some of the Aubiose Hemp Bedding to her horses stall

Enviro Equine has recently taken off with the Hemp Bedding that they import from France. Kady furthered the bedding conversation and asked Taylor if she also noticed herself saving time and money by being on the bedding? “I have definitely seen a huge decrease in my expenses in the purchasing of shavings and takeaway. Even though the initial cost of the beddings sounds expensive, in the end it saves a ton of money and who doesn’t want to save money? With the bedding being so absorbent, my grooms are cleaning the stalls in half the amount of time because they really are only taking the manure out. By only taking the manure out we are taking out less shavings which means less takeaway and less shavings are needing to be added.” 

Not only does Team Land use the USDA Certified Organic Feed, all-natural supplements, and Hemp Bedding, but the all-natural grooming supplies as well! “I love the Shine Spray. I use it every day as well as the Fly Spray. The fly spray is amazing. It smells so good and actually works while not having any toxic chemicals in it. We are breathing in this stuff every day as well as the horses, so staying away from toxic chemicals will better our health and theirs. I also use the Show Ring Ready shampoo. I have noticed that their skin is looking so nice and moisturized. This shampoo doesn’t dry out their skin like a lot of shampoos do. Sometimes we have to wash the horses multiple times a day and I have never had any issues with this shampoo. Enviro’s grooming products are far superior. The ingredient list is far superior and that is very important to me. Anything you put on your horse goes into their bodies. So many products are filled with toxins and chemicals and that is not something I want to be using with my horses. Overall these grooming products work better than others because it keeps the horses healthier and their skin looking much better.” 

Taylor posing with just a few of EE’s all natural grooming products

After going through “A Day in the Life of Taylor Land” and seeing how she uses all of the different products Enviro has to offer, Kady asked Taylor if she would recommend EE products to others. “I would highly recommend! I haven’t tried any product from Enviro Equine so far that I haven’t loved. The all natural approach is definitely better for the horses and for us. The best part is that the products actually work! Overall, personally I really value my own health and am really careful with what I eat and the products I use on my skin and now having the ability to provide that level of care to my horses has been really special. There hasn’t been any other company before Enviro Equine that provides products across the board that are organic, natural, toxin-free, etc. It’s an incredible company with an incredible mission and the company is really looking out for the betterment of horse health.” 

Taylor Land has been a brand ambassador for a few weeks now. We then asked her how the process has been in terms of getting product, etc. “The process has been very easy for me. Definitely having the ambassador relationship with Kady has been wonderful and very seamless to order. Angela (Brackett-Knowles) has also been wonderful to work with. You guys have amazing customer service, answer questions, answer the phone, and provide the best possible service. I cannot say anything but good things about the company in all aspects.”

Thank you so much Taylor and Team Land for taking the time to go over “A Day in the Life of Taylor Land”. We are so excited and thrilled to have you all apart of the EE team!