EcoCareRX – The best all natural dust control for Equine Facilities, Walking Paths and Roads. EcoCareRX controls dust in the most extreme and intense-use situations

Enviro Equine & PET is proud to offer a revolutionary new line of environmentally sensitive products that are proven to reduce maintenance and labor expenses, benefit the environment and foster a superior air quality that is healthier for both horses and humans. Safe for animals, people, plants, water and the rest of the ecosystem, Enviro Equine & PET’s base stabilizers create a long-term solution by mixing with the soil instead of being topically applied. If you are tired of constantly watering and maintaining areas prone to producing dust, periodically implementing this new offering will allow for current watering practices, base replenishment and dust production to be improved by 90 to 95 percent across the board.

On walking paths, riding arenas and other highly-used areas, untreated soil generates dust and loss of aggregate due to wind, rain, erosion and traffic. To maintain the proper base levels and minimize dust, ongoing maintenance costs, labor, water usage and related expenditures can be significant. Over time, these recurring costs can be the downfall of businesses that rely on healthy ground, but they don’t have to be. Enviro Equine & PET can create an in-depth cost analysis that considers a multitude of current expenses versus the costs associated with using our line of dust suppressants in order to estimate your potential savings.

The concept behind the new line of products is simple: long-term wetting action. The liquids are totally benign with regard to equestrian health concerns and control the dust in extreme situations by wetting out the soil and aggregate to create a lengthy solution by coating and agglomerating particles. Additionally, the chemical makeup of the various products allows them to weigh down dust particles as water would, with the extra benefit that they doesn’t evaporate or freeze. Plus, Enviro Equine & PET’s dust-alleviating line does not stick to horse hooves, human shoes or car tires.


Without an effective dust control solution, untreated soil creates adverse mechanical environmental and health concerns. More than simply a money-saving solution, Enviro Equine & PET’s product offers a multitude of environmental perks related to air quality and water quality, not least of which includes addressing roadside stream and aquatic marine life concerns. With regards to particulate matter in the air, respiratory health benefits from a substantial increase in air quality, while maintenance efforts are reduced as less dirt and dust in the air translates to a longer, cleaner life for equipment, property and traffic areas.


Enviro Equine & PET’s newest dust suppression methods are adaptable to a variety of needs and storing capabilities. Every application and product can be customized for each customer, depending on application capabilities and soil types. Additionally, the company can deliver the product in totes that can be transferred to water trucks or, for larger operations, storage tanks can be set up. For clients requiring a water truck, the product can easily be used in an existing spray truck, or Enviro Equine & PET can assist in finding the proper equipment for each customer’s situational needs.


+ Ecologically & Environmentally Safe
+ Simple & Easy to Apply
+ Human, Animal & Vegetation Safe
+ 100% Ultra-Pure Active Ingredients
+ Reduces Water Usage by 90%
+ Actively Re-workable
+ Self-Healing Performance
+ No Curing for Immediate Results
+ Ultraviolet Ray Resistant
+ Cumulative Effect with Maintenance
+ Self-Penetrating & Wetting
+ Completely Odorless
+ Non-Dissipating
+ Does not Freeze
+ Non-Corrosive
+ Save for all Equipment
+ Non-Hazardous
+ Non-Toxic
+ Carboxylic Acid Free
+ Fatty-Acid Free

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