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Holiday Pumpkin Love for You and Your Pony

by Dr Clair Thunes PhD Nutrition
Consulting Nutritionist for EnviroEquine & PET
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There’s a chill in the air, the leaves have turned and in many cases fallen, the weather in many places is getting pretty miserable and it’s just the beginning of the long haul that is winter. But winter has its redeeming features, the warm fire, mugs of cocoa, fuzzy socks and around Thankgiving there is pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin is surprisingly good for you and thanks to this major ingredient, pumpkin pie has some surprising health benefits. A slice of pumpkin pie is packed full of beneficial B vitamins. As much as 20 percent of your daily recommended intake of thiamin and B12, 13 percent of riboflavin and 12 percent of folate. These vitamins play vital roles in metabolism as well as skin, vision and neurologic health.

When it comes to the fat soluble vitamins it gets even better. The orange color of pumpkin suggests that it is a great source of betacarotene the precursor of vitamin A and sure enough a slice of pie provides a whopping 67 percent of your daily requirement. But that is not the only antioxidant provided by pumpkin as a slice of pie will also give you 7 percent of your daily vitamin E. Pumpkin pie also supports your bones with 7 percent of daily calcium and 9 percent of phosphorus.

Who knew that you can feel good about your Thankgiving dessert this year! Just don’t go over board because that slice of pie also packs quite a few calories from saturated fat thanks to the evaporated or condensed milk that is commonly used. The mantra “everything in moderation” holds true for pumpkin pie just as it does for so many things in life. Consider skipping that whipped cream too.

What if you could share some of this pumpkin love with your horse? Well thanks to EnviroEquine OmegaBalance and our Healthy Pony Treats you can. EnviroEquine’s OmegaBalance camelina oil has added pumpkin seed oil and is used in our Healthy Pony Treats.

Feeding just four of these treats provides a full serving of OmegaBalance with pumpkin seed oil, making them a great source of essential omega-3 fatty acids that your horse needs to help support a healthy inflammatory response. But that’s not all that omega-3 fatty acids do, they also promote a radiant coat and healthy skin.

Healthy Pony Treats contain only 8 ingredients including oats and applies. Made in small batches to insure quality and consistency and meeting Department of Agriculture testing standards this is truly a reward for your horse that you can feel good about.

So go ahead, enjoy your pumpkin pie this Thankgiving and share the love with your horse this holiday season with some Healthy Pony Treats.

Consulting Nutritionist for EnviroEquine Dr. Clair Thunes is passionate about her profession—one that she decided upon at the age of 14. After earning a Bachelor of Science with Honors from Edinburgh University, and a Master of Science in Animal Science and a PhD in Nutrition from the University of California, Davis, Dr. Thunes went on to found Summit Equine Nutrition LLC an independent consulting company in 2007. An experienced nutritionist and accomplished scientist, Dr. Thunes understands the vital role that nutrition plays in managing horses today. Most importantly, she believes in making nutrition accessible to everyone and removes the guesswork so that owners have the peace of mind that their horse’s diets are optimal for maximum health and peak performance.  Her clients include all horses from competitors at the 2016 Rio Olympics to retired pasture friends, mules and miniature donkeys. She writes a weekly online commentary for and her nutrition articles have been published in noted publications including: The Horse, Equine Wellness, Trail Blazer, Horse & Rider and The Horse Report. Besides consulting she teaches equine nutrition and equine exercise physiology in the Animal Science Department at UC Davis and equine health at Cosumnes River College.  Clair continues to be involved with The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. and she is currently the Regional Supervisor for the Sierra Pacific Region.

Photos: © Anastasija Popova / repinanatoly / 123RF Stock Photo & Hillary Irwin