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In the Spotlight: Retired Racehorse Project Sponsored Rider Jordan Pruiksma

Meet the next of our sponsored riders in the RRP Spotlight:

Jordan Pruiksma

Jordan Pruiksma has successfully competed in the Retired Racehorse Project (RRP) for a number of years, and has been a devoted user of Enviro Equine products for part of that tenure, using both ElectroBalance and GastroBalance in combination with OmegaBalance to help transform her OTTBs into strong, healthy riding horses. Pruiksma will ride Bandit City in the RRP finale in Lexington the first week of October.

I am thankful to be representing Enviro Equine for the second year in a row at the Retired Racehorse Project and can't say enough about the quality of products we carry.

“I started using Enviro Equine products almost 2 years ago with my 2016 Retired Racehorse Project horse, Coordinate. When I got him he was covered in rain rot, was ribby and had no muscle. We decided to put him on the ElectroBalance and OmegaBalance. In the 8 months I had him to prepare for the Retired Racehorse Project I saw such a huge change. He went from scrawny and poor-looking to sleek and filled out. I think he might be one of my best transformations.

I love the ElectroBalance because I don’t have to worry about my horses drinking enough water. I know they are staying hydrated and also moving everything through because they poop a lot! (HA!) The OmegaBalance really helps my horses’ coats shine and gives them that added plumpness everyone thinks is hard to get on these OTTBs.”

Once I started Bandit City on the ElectroBalance and OmegaBalance, the difference was night and day.

“My RRP horse, Bandit City, for this year has been on both GastroBalance Plus and ElectroBalance plus OmegaBalance. Bandit City came to me in fantastic condition. Great weight and covered in dapples. His coat did lack a little bit of shine though and once I started him on the ElectroBalance and OmegaBalance, the difference was night and day. He is a mild cribber so I also like the GastroBalance Plus to aid in any ulcer issues I think he may be having, which is why I like to switch between the two.

The GastroBalance Plus paste is also great for those horses we know are struggling with tummy issues. Aside from the nutritional program, I LOVE our fly/shine spray. Not only does it smell amazing but it works and the horses look like they were just groomed for hours! I am thankful to be representing Enviro Equine for the second year in a row at the Retired Racehorse Project and can’t say enough about the quality of products we carry.”

About the Retired Racehorse Project

The Retired Racehorse Project was founded by Steuart Pittman and a devoted group of supporters, who felt strongly that Thoroughbred ex-racehorses were in need of advocates and educators in the sport and recreation riding world. RRP’s mission is to facilitate placement of Thoroughbred ex-racehorses in second careers by increasing demand for them in equestrian sports and serving the farms, trainers, and organizations that transition them. Read more about the Retired Racehorse Project.

Enviro Equine & PET is proud of our involvement with this worthwhile project and currently sponsors four riders who are participating in 2017’s $100,000 Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium. The event takes place October 5-8 at the Kentucky Horse Park and involves 578 trainers working with Thoroughbred ex-racehorses that will have received less than 10 months of retraining. They will travel from 46 states and three countries, all hoping to be crowned America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred.

Participants compete in Barrel Racing, Competitive Trails, Dressage, Eventing, Field Hunter, Freestyle, Polo, Show Hunter, Show Jumper, and Working Ranch.  The top five scorers from each of the 10 disciplines will compete in the Covered Arena Finale, which takes place over the entire day, Saturday, October 7, and culminates with an evening celebration and the selection of fan-favorite America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred. Sunday is Clinic Day at the Makeover. Spectators are welcome to audit for free as top trainers in each discipline instruct Makeover contestants.

At least half of the Thoroughbreds in this year’s Makeover will be offered for sale. Purchase prices last year averaged $8,000 with the highest going for $30,000. Buyers will have online and printed catalogues and opportunities to examine and ride horses at seller’s discretion.

Tickets for the Saturday, October 7 Thoroughbred Makeover Finale and Celebration can be purchased at They are $25 for the public and $15 for children and members of RRP. Tickets include dinner.