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EnviroEquine Launches a New Versatile Equine Supplement

by Dr Clair Thunes PhD Nutrition
Consulting Nutritionist for EnviroEquine & PET
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Sometimes do you wish that you could find a supplement that would combine your horse’s omega-3, gastric support and vitamin mineral needs in one product at levels of ingredients that would actually do something? Well wish no longer. EnviroEquine EveryDayBalance Equine does exactly that.

In a base of flax that provides 15 grams of plant based omega-3 fatty acids per serving to support a healthy inflammatory response to the demands of training, we have added research proven performance minerals from Zinpro®, pre and probiotics from Alltech, and vitamins including natural vitamin E. These ingredients will help sustain maximum performance in your equine athlete.

Formulated to work in combination with your performance feed or alone for easier keepers, EveryDayBalance Equine is a versatile supplement that has a place in every horse’s ration. Fortified with almost 400 mg of zinc and over 100 mg of copper per serving, this product provides the daily requirement of these key trace minerals for an average sized horse helping to support strong hoof development, healthy skin and a radiant coat.

Added organic selenium supports thyroid function and key antioxidants which combined with 500 IU of natural vitamin E help performance recovery. A full complement of live yeast helps promote a stable gastrointestinal environment helping your horse stay healthy as he faces the rigors associated with training and competition.

Available in 3 convenient sizes, including a 2.5 pound pouch just perfect for saving space while on the road. Why not simplify your life?  Give EveryDayBalance Equine a try!

Consulting Nutritionist for EnviroEquine Dr. Clair Thunes is passionate about her profession—one that she decided upon at the age of 14. After earning a Bachelor of Science with Honors from Edinburgh University, and a Master of Science in Animal Science and a PhD in Nutrition from the University of California, Davis, Dr. Thunes went on to found Summit Equine Nutrition LLC an independent consulting company in 2007. An experienced nutritionist and accomplished scientist, Dr. Thunes understands the vital role that nutrition plays in managing horses today. Most importantly, she believes in making nutrition accessible to everyone and removes the guesswork so that owners have the peace of mind that their horse’s diets are optimal for maximum health and peak performance.  Her clients include all horses from competitors at the 2016 Rio Olympics to retired pasture friends, mules and miniature donkeys. She writes a weekly online commentary for and her nutrition articles have been published in noted publications including: The Horse, Equine Wellness, Trail Blazer, Horse & Rider and The Horse Report. Besides consulting she teaches equine nutrition and equine exercise physiology in the Animal Science Department at UC Davis and equine health at Cosumnes River College.  Clair continues to be involved with The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. and she is currently the Regional Supervisor for the Sierra Pacific Region.


Top Photo: © edu1971 / 123RF Stock Photo