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Success Story: EnviroEquine Products Help Transform Rescued Clydesdale

EnviroEquine wants to thank Chelsea Kolman for sharing this touching story about her rescue of a gentle giant and his transformation after feeding EE products.

Ten days on EnviroEquine’s OmegaBalance and what a difference I’ve seen in my big Clyde!

A few years ago a friend called us about a Clydesdale that she had rescued out of a bad situation. We went and looked at him and of course fell in love! This sweet boy had his whole life story displayed in his worried, glazed-over eyes. Quite, shy, timid, apprehensive, all products of the previous abuse he had endured but yet, somehow he still found it within himself to give us a chance and tell us his story, versus writing us off because of the poor treatment he had received from previous people in his life.

He was very lifeless at first, not really interested in our affection, but kind enough to let us do what we needed to do with him. He stood tied, lowered his head when I went to halter him, almost as if he was apologizing for being an enormous 19.2 hands high. He came when he was called, waited in line when he was asked and always did what he knew we wanted. It was very evident that God had graced him with the kindest soul to accompany his giant body.

Love Restores Him Mentally

The first year was a learning experience, but our relationship was growing fast. Then, finally, he began nickering at me, pulling on my clothes when I’d turn my back to him, pick up the brushes off the shelf next to which he was tied, and – my most favorite – picking up feed buckets and running round with them in his mouth.

He was whole again, at least mentally. But his coat still lacked that beautiful shine, his spine stuck out due to lack of a top line, his legs were lumpy and swollen underneath scraggly feathers due to Elephantitis, and his allergies were so bad that the slightest change in temperature would send him into coughing spells for days. He was just downright unhealthy. Over the years, with the help of amazing feed from Purina, we have made leaps and bounds. But 10 days ago, I stumbled across something that would change the name of the nutrition game as we know it.

EnviroEquine Restores Him Physically

Enviro Equine’s OmegaBalance, at 2 ounces per day, has done what I thought could never be achieved with my goofy, unhealthy, problem-ridden Clydesdale. Just 10 days on OmegaBalance and his coat is glorious, he has a topline, his legs are healing up, and his coughing has nearly stopped!

I am completely blown away. Being someone who has competition horses, as well as many rescues who are pasture pets, supplements are very important to me and I put a lot of time and effort into choosing the right ones. I look for something that is legal for my 2-star horse, strong enough for my Clydesdale, yet gentle enough for my 4-month-old nurse mare foal. This is nearly impossible to find all in one company, let alone one supplement. But I have found all of those things on every EnviroEquine supplement I have used. It has CHANGED my horses, but more importantly, it has proven to be the KEY to my favorite Clydesdale’s health and happiness! He now has a beautiful body to match his beautiful personality.

I took these pictures in the dark, under flourescent lights – which tend to make it nearly impossible to tell if a coat has shine and quality to it. And despite those conditions, you CAN see his shine and coat health and DAPPLES!

Basically, what I am getting at is this: You can’t cover up or hide how truly healthy and happy this horse is! I literally pulled him out of the field. I didn’t even brush him.

Thanks EnviroEquine! You are changing lives!

Photos compliments of Chelsea Kolman.