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Why Dr. Tiffany Margolin DVM, CVA, Recommends EnviroPET Products

Dr. Tiffany Margolin DVM, CVA, is the owner of California based From The Heart Vet practice ( and has been a veterinarian specializing in exotic pets and holistic medicine for over 25 years. In addition, as a certified integrative health practitioner for humans, Dr. Tiffany has developed a novel approach to help clients live longer, more energetic and productive lives with the assistance of their beloved pets.

Here’s what Dr. Tiffany has to say about our products..

I chose to use only Enviro Pet’s amazing omega-rich oil and work with their company exclusively because of the unwavering commitment they have to developing the cleanest, highest efficacy, best-tasting essential fatty acid source I’ve ever used.

Their insistence on that level of quality and results in the pets (including all of my patients) has impressed me and made me a true believer.

I currently use both the OmegaBalance and the EveryDayBalance mineral/probiotic pack. The mineral pack has the unique blend not only of essential minerals for pets, but a probiotic of the latest types studied (not found in other probiotic supplements) and something NO ONE else has in their supplements-a TOXIN absorber! So this gentle adsorbent safely removes toxins present in the gut before they are absorbed into the body of your pet and they are expelled as waste.

The notable increase in environmental toxins and food-borne toxins and molds is finally addressed with this latter product. At first skeptical, I am seeing visible results from the mineral pack as well and now recommend both the oil and the Everyday Balance to all of my canine and avian (bird) patients.

A graduate of UC Davis, the top veterinary school in the country, as well as a highly engaging and sought-after speaker on health and productivity, Dr. Tiffany links the curative bond between animal and owner and shows you how to leverage this unconditional relationship to improve your health habits and get more done.

She is also the author of “Energy Reset: Feel Like a Puppy at Any Age! Lessons Learned from the Animals” and “Make Her Love You as Much as Her Dog Does,” She has also written numerous articles for publications such as Bird Talk and Your Health Connection magazine.