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The Science Behind Our Topicals

Both Shine Spray Plus and Fungcide Plus are enriched with camelina oil. This wholesome plant-based extract, with its essential omega fatty acids and natural vitamin E, provides numerous benefits to the coat and skin. It nourishes the hair shaft from root to tip and hydrates the skin, as well as enhancing barrier functions to help prevent bacteria from entering through the skin.

EnviroEquine & Pet’s Shine Spray Plus is a dual purpose spray with a formula rooted in scientific research. Apple cider vinegar, the base ingredient in Shine Spray Plus, has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties that help soothe irritated skin, as well as balancing the skin’s pH. The tocopherols in camelina oil also protect the coat from sun damage, helping maintain that brilliant show-ring shine all through the year! And unlike silicone-based sprays, Shine Spray Plus can be used on all of the areas tack sits, with no slipping or dust build up. The insect repellent properties are provided naturally, with the infusion of lavender and lemongrass essential oils. As an added “plus”, Shine Spray Plus does not contain any petroleum by-products, pyrethrins or permethrins, so feel free to liberally spray your pets, yourself, and all areas around the barn without spreading harmful toxins into the environment!

EnviroEquine & Pet’s Fungicide Plus is a powerful fungicidal treatment, containing three ingredients with anti-fungal properties. Colloidal sulfur has a long, proven history of use as a fungicide in agriculture and livestock, tea tree oil has fungicidal as well as antiseptic properties, and lemongrass acts as an anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial agent. The formula is also enhanced with lavender oil—which soothes and disinfects, and camelina oil—which provides all the aforementioned benefits as well as aiding in hair regrowth in affected areas.